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Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline

A new year. A fresh outlook. A wealth of opportunities. As you plan your marketing initiatives for 2012, are you adding online components? Too often the answer is no. Integrating online and offline marketing is the key to making your efforts pay off — but it can also be a challenge. So while you’re outlining your goals, strategies and tactics for the year,  learn how to incorporate your website, social media channels, and microsites. Chances are there is a great opportunity to bring cohesion to your online and offline promotions, and get a lot of ROI along the way.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

    • How to bring more consistency to your offline and online initiatives
    • How offline components can help you align your marketing spend with marketing ROI
    • How to see beyond the Web as your only online channel and discover tips to when and how to incorporate social media, blogs, microsites and pay–per–click campaigns
    • Best practices established by hospitals that are successfully implementing tie-ins between online and traditional marketing efforts

    Download this presentation: PDF | MP3

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