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Industry Insights from Geonetric’s 2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey

The results are in from the largest, most comprehensive digital marketing trends survey in healthcare. What will you learn?

Want ways to be more strategic when it comes to digital marketing? Wish you knew what your competitors are spending on digital? Looking for ammunition to help sell a website redesign or the need for more resources? Geonetric’s 2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey has all the answers you need – and more.

Watch this webinar and get an insider look at the state of digital marketing in healthcare. (And download the actual survey for even more data!) These results are like nothing else in industry – with more than 260 healthcare marketers and agency partners sharing their unique perspectives, it’s the largest, most popular survey available. It’s also the only survey that splits respondents into leader, average, and laggard organizations, so you can easily compare your team’s size, budget, redesign cycles, and digital efforts to your peers and competitors. Because at the end of the day, what you really want to know if you are ahead or behind – and how you can keep that leading position or start to catch up.

You’ll learn:

  • How healthcare organizations are structuring teams and divvying budget up between traditional and digital
  • What goals healthcare marketing teams are working towards and how effective they are at tracking success
  • If hot trends, like personalization, are really delivering value
  • What digital tactics are most likely to be outsourced and what’s staying in-house
  • How your website’s functionality compares to industry averages
  • What tactics you should be paying attention to for 2019 and beyond

Industry Insights from Geonetric’s 2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey