Medical Group Builds Location Strategy for Strong Clinic Webpages

Cone Health
Greensboro, North Carolina
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A North Carolina medical group’s investment in practice profiles makes an impact.


Cone Health Medical Group (CHMG) wanted to please internal and external audiences with webpages drawing users to some of the region’s leading medical clinics.


Custom content, design, and SEO services highlight the strengths of CHMG practices and help visitors find what they need.


CHMG’s location strategy led to an increase of 274% in pageviews and a decrease of 40% in the bounce rate for the top new location profile in a five-month period after launch compared to the same time period a year earlier.

In a competitive market, Cone Health Medical Group knew well the importance of user-friendly location profiles optimized for search engines. That’s why the group serving North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad partnered with Geonetric for design, content, and SEO work for numerous clinics and medical offices. The goals were to:

  • Make it easier for health care consumers to make appointments
  • Improve user-engagement metrics
  • Provide a dynamic visual presence

Focused, collaborative start

CHMG launched a pilot project with four clinics, knowing early, demonstrable success was key to getting the rest of its locations on board.

After several conversations with the medical group, designers and content strategists worked together to build a page architecture that made it easy to find information about services, patient resources, appointments, address and hours of operation. Prominent images of each provider link to profiles with custom-written biographies that give a sense of personality and approach to care. Teasers promote Cone Health’s Wellness Matters content marketing hub assets relevant to each clinic’s audience. The attractive page design makes navigation intuitive on all devices.

SEO & keyword research drive recommendations

Local convenience is key for consumers — “near me” searches for health-related services have doubled since 2015. And since 30% of mobile searches are related to a location, it was vital for CHMG’s location profiles to be optimized for local search.

That’s why digital marketing experts performed keyword research to help Geonetric target each unique clinic profile to a hyperlocal audience. The agency looked at several factors, including:

  • Competitor websites
  • Existing content
  • Google search suggestions
  • Local search ranking factors
  • Questions searchers ask
  • Search volume

The research helped Geonetric develop a keyword portfolio to focus the content of each location and help CHMG stand out from the competition.

Comprehensive content

To ensure the location profiles met patients’ and consumers’ needs, Geonetric’s writers interviewed stakeholders at each clinic to:

  • Discover and communicate the benefits of choosing a particular medical office and its providers
  • Get answers to common patient questions
  • Learn how to set apart similar CHMG clinics from each other and external competitors
  • Provide thorough information about the services offered

Each location profile lives on a website with content describing the service lines available throughout all of CHMG. Clinic webpages don’t duplicate this general service-line information but rather link to it while highlighting specific services key to the individual practice.


In addition to improvements in pageviews and bounce rate, CHMG saw a dramatic increase in visits to provider profiles from location-profile visitors.

After seeing the successful performance of the first four location profiles, CHMG partnered with Geonetric to write webpages and perform keyword research for more than a dozen additional clinics. As CHMG continues to bring in additional practices, the medical group has built a solid foundation for effective web presences.

Medical Group Builds Location Strategy for Strong Clinic Webpages