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Our clients are continuously recognized for excellence in digital marketing, web design, and web content.

Who we are

Geonetric helps healthcare brands thrive through effective marketing and distinctive websites. As a marketing agency and software developer with deep technical and creative expertise, Geonetric provides hospitals, health systems, and medical groups with a healthcare-specific content management system, hosting, marketing strategies and creative services optimized for the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Founded in 1999 by Eric Engelmann, our current board chairman, Geonetric originally built websites and web applications for companies in a variety of industries. When we were retained to build a prototype of a health system with three large hospitals in a geographically dispersed area, we identified the need for a unified solution that could be applied to hospitals and health systems nationwide. In 2001, our focus on healthcare began and we haven’t looked back.

Over the past 18 years, Geonetric has transformed into a leading healthcare web development and creative services agency. We continually utilize the newest technologies and stay on the cutting edge of web development. We plan to continue our growth through new services and innovations that deliver marketing success to healthcare organizations.

Our Leadership Board

  • Linda Barnes

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ben Dillon

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Chris Hartman

    Chief Financial Officer

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