COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare Marketers

Being there for your communities, patients, and internal teams has never been more important. To help you make the best use of your limited time, our content strategy, content development, digital marketing, and design teams have created a number of resources to help as you work to manage and share communications on the web.

We’ve found from working with organizations around the country the last few months that no two health systems are in the same place. Some are still preparing for a peak while others are transitioning back to a new normal. This hub can be sorted by phase so you can find the information that matters to you most right now. Reach out if there’s anything we can do to support your efforts.

Recent Posts

Nurse gives senior adult healthcare worker the Covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: How to Mitigate & Prevent Hesitation

Reduce vaccine hesitancy when you apply these best practices on internal communications regarding a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
3 Content Marketing Ideas to Mark COVID-19’s One Year Anniversary

3 Content Marketing Ideas to Mark COVID-19’s One Year Anniversary

On March 11, 2020, COVID-19 officially became a pandemic. How do you plan to mark the one year milestone with your community?
Communication Tips for High COVID-19 Vaccine Demand, Limited Supply

Communication Tips for High COVID-19 Vaccine Demand, Limited Supply

Geonetric clients across the U.S. report their top concern is responding to rising community demand to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, which has outpaced limited supplies.
Make Your COVID-19 Vaccination Message Resonate with Your Community

Make Your COVID-19 Vaccination Message Resonate with Your Community

Effectively communicate to your healthcare organization’s external audiences the importance of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Writing and Deploying COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Writing and Deploying COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Spread the word about coronavirus vaccinations in your community by following our tips for effective healthcare content strategy and writing.
Communicating to Your Internal Health Care Team About COVID-19 Vaccinations

Communicating to Your Internal Health Care Team About COVID-19 Vaccinations

Find out what you need to do to get ready for the fast-approaching internal communication challenges that come with your health system’s vaccination efforts.
vaccine being administered

Support Your COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts with Your Marketing Strategy

Get expert advice on battling general mistrust around COVID-19 vaccinations.
Pregnant woman uses laptop at home

Connect with Maternity Patients Concerned About the Coronavirus

Learn how to communicate information that moms-to-be want to know during COVID-19 to help them feel comfortable getting care from your organization.
Woman working on laptop in kitchen

5 Tips for Email Messaging in Post-Pandemic Care

As people across the country find their way back into the world after months of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare marketers are in a unique position to help get patient scheduling back on track.
Healthcare Marketing During an Economic Downturn

Healthcare Marketing During an Economic Downturn

Is your hospital or health system’s marketing strategy ready for the new national economic landscape?
Doctor and man wearing facemasks in office

Lessening the Fears of Patients Who Need Essential Treatments During COVID-19

Find out what information patients who need lifesaving treatments and therapies at your organization want to hear to make them feel safe during COVID-19.
Preparing for the Post-pandemic Rebound

Preparing for the Post-pandemic Rebound

Now is the time to begin planning for a coordinated and safe transition back to marketing service lines.
Doctor and patient wearing masks

Bringing Patients Back to the Doctor’s Office After COVID-19

After putting out fires during COVID-19 crisis communications, your healthcare organization is ready to get back to normal — or something resembling it.
Patient in video conference with doctor

Introducing the “New Normal” at Your Hospital

As your organization transitions back to offering care that’s as close to normal as possible, consider these important factors for the best patient and visitor experience.
Close-up of businesswoman sitting at the table and working on laptop at home

COVID-19 Editorial Style Guide

Improve the clarity, consistency, and readability of your COVID-19 communications.
A pair of microphones and headsets on a desk in an empty studio.

Ready to Rebound: Next Steps for Healthcare Marketers

While the future remains uncertain, it’s clear that healthcare organizations are in urgent need of support to effectively connect with their communities, help patients find and use the services available today, and be ready to fill schedules as services are brought back online.
Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit

Use Empathy to Guide COVID-19 Home Health Care Marketing

Find tips for promoting home health services and communicating with patients during the COVID-19 outbreak.
woman working from home on laptop computer

Tips for Using Social Media During COVID-19

Learn how to use your social media accounts to provide fast, reliable information to your followers during a public health crisis like COVID-19.
People spread out in small groups with lines connecting them to other groups.

COVID-19 Healthcare Consumer Survey

Download the results of our consumer survey and see how COVID-19 has impacted how consumers are making decisions and what information they trust.
Woman holding phone checking email messages

6 Tips to Improve Email Communication During COVID-19

The way your patients and community interact with email is changing rapidly due to COVID-19 – make sure you stay ahead of the curve.
A pair of microphones and headsets on a desk in an empty studio.

Health Consumer Needs During COVID-19: Survey Results and Discussion

Today’s healthcare marketers are faced with not only communicating crucial and timely information around COVID-19, but also with helping patients navigate new and changing care options for routine medical care.
Portrait of surgeon wearing mask

Telling Healthcare Provider Stories During COVID-19

Your organization is working harder than ever to protect your community. Showcase those efforts in a powerful way — through your employees’ first-person voices.
man planning a strategy

The Value of Healthcare Content Marketing During a Crisis

Learn how to educate and ease anxiety for your audiences with content marketing assets that address their concerns and questions.
View from above of a desk with a laptop and a person holding paper and pencil

4 Ways to Ease Content Management During a Crisis

Content governance may not be at the top of your crisis communications to-do list. But in a crisis that could last months, you’ll benefit from a framework that helps you manage the content deluge.
A pair of microphones and headsets on a desk in an empty studio.

Healthcare Marketing & Communications Strategies During COVID-19

If you’re a healthcare marketer or communications professional, your life has changed drastically in the last few weeks.
Child looks at a tablet with a person in a labcoat displayed

Use Telemedicine to Reach Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Health systems and patients are looking to telemedicine during the COVID-19 outbreak to fight the virus and stop its spread, while preventing gaps in care for other conditions.
Woman in lab coat looking at a tablet

Guide Patients Through Care Options During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Meet the needs of your community and support your clinicians by helping patients choose the type of care that’s right for them based on their symptoms and other factors.
How to Build an Effective Crisis Resource Hub

How to Build an Effective Crisis Resource Hub

Your healthcare marketing team has likely been creating new content related to COVID-19 to educate and guide your communities. Here’s guidance and a sample wireframe to help you build a resource hub to house all your crisis information in one, user-friendly place.
Woman typing on laptop

How to Update Your Google My Business Listings for COVID-19

As a healthcare marketer, you need to get up-to-date information to consumers about facility hours, policies, restrictions, and alternative care options. Google My Business should be an important part of your communication plan.
Aerial view of crowd connected by lines

6 Tips for Effective COVID-19 FAQ Web Pages

During a public health crisis, your community is full of questions. Discover how to tackle frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your hospital’s website in a way that’s useful and effective.
Group of people gathered around a laptop

Questions to Strengthen Your Internal Crisis Communications

Learn five questions you need to address as you put together your internal crisis communications plan.
Doctor walking

Healthcare Crises, The Web & Your Community

During a healthcare crisis, your website is a great place to share preparedness plans, education, and resources.
Smiling pregnant woman using laptop in kitchen

5 Steps for Moving Birth Care Classes & Tours Online

Respond to the needs of your community by offering online birth care classes and maternity tours.
Mature Couple Having Online Consultation With Female Nurse At Home On Digital Tablet

How to Write About Your Telemedicine Services On Your Website

Get the most out of your telehealth investment. Make sure your content supports and promotes its use—and reap the rewards of better patient engagement and satisfaction.