Health Consumer Needs During COVID-19: Survey Results and Discussion

Today’s healthcare marketers are faced with not only communicating crucial and timely information around COVID-19, but also with helping patients navigate new and changing care options for routine medical care.

Geonetric recently surveyed 600 consumers to gain insights into how they are responding to different types of communication from health systems and where there are opportunities to engage and connect.

Join us as Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer at Geonetric and David Sturtz, Vice President of Business Development at Geonetric, discuss findings from the survey.

In addition, Joy Weller, Manager of Digital Media and Marketing at EvergreenHealth (Kirkland, WA), Christina Peaslee, Executive Director of Marketing Communications and Content Strategy at Cape Cod Healthcare (Hyannis, MA), and Darren Moore, Digital Content and Brand Manager at LMH Health (Lawrence, KS), will be joining us to share how their organizations are tackling COVID-19 communication on the web and what are the next priorities for their teams.

Watch on-demand and learn:

  • What COVID-19 topics consumers want to hear
  • What formats they prefer for engaging with content
  • What information sources health consumers trust
  • How well consumers are navigating changing care options and opportunities around telehealth
  • How this data compares to real-life communication strategies at play at organizations like EvergreenHealth and Cape Cod Healthcare
  • What healthcare marketers are focusing on next

Health Consumer Needs During COVID-19: Survey Results and Discussion