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You see it every year, in virtually every state of the industry survey. Digital is demanding bigger percentages of healthcare marketing budgets. And for good reason. Digital is trackable. It’s easier to target. It’s more cost-effective. And, when integrated effectively with offline efforts, your marketing efforts become revenue generating efforts. But getting there isn’t easy. That’s why healthcare marketers depend on an expert partner like Geonetric to help them build a strategy around digital.

Experience building comprehensive digital strategies for healthcare brands.

When you ask your agency for strategic guidance, do they tell you to do more PPC? We hear that repeatedly from healthcare organizations, and that’s why marketers turn to us to deliver comprehensive digital plans. Our digital strategies help organizations of all sizes bring in real ROI — from complex academic medical centers that need help taking a new brand to digital, to orthopedic clinics that need to fill a new surgeon’s schedule. Our team will help you:

  • Develop a strategy based on your competitive environment, organizational goals, marketing goals, and priority service lines
  • Assess the performance of your current efforts, including site traffic, user experience, SEO, and digital advertising, to see what’s working and where there is opportunity for improvement
  • Launch the right mix of tactics — and in the right volume — that will produce results for your unique organization
  • Bring your strategy to life with our in-house experts in service line marketing, social media advertising, PPC, business listing management, search engine optimization, email marketing, landing page design, and copywriting
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and ROI, and then use that data to inform future recommendations

Strategic insight, healthcare expertise, and a focus on results.

Data should drive marketing decisions. And when you work with us, it will. You’ll receive monthly reports with metrics that are based on your goals. And, we’ll engage in continual tracking so we can make changes quickly to improve performance without delay. You can trust our team to apply our deep expertise in healthcare marketing to produce a digital marketing strategy that drives service line volume and increases market share.

2018 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey

Ready to learn what healthcare marketers across the country are doing with digital marketing? Geonetric collaborated for the second year in a row with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends to deliver the largest, most comprehensive look at the digital evolution of healthcare organizations available. See how your organization compares to almost 250 healthcare organizations surveyed!

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Industry Insights from Geonetric’s 2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey

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