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How to Write Web Content that Attracts the Best Healthcare Job Candidates

Make the most qualified prospective employees excited to apply and work at your organization when you follow these tips.
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Stand Out From Your Healthcare Competitors With Service Line Competitive Analysis

Follow these tips to understand your local competitive landscape and optimize your online content — so patients choose you instead of the organization down the street...
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How to Write About Your Telemedicine Services On Your Website

Get the most out of your telehealth investment. Make sure your content supports and promotes its use—and reap the rewards of better patient engagement and...
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How to Succeed When Google is Your Homepage

October 23, 2019 2 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT
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6 Big Content Strategy Considerations When Choosing a CMS

When thinking about a content management system (CMS) you often think about functionality and ease of use. But how the platform handles content strategy should be on...
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Small Teams, Big Web Goals: Aligning Your Website with Your Team Size and Skillset

You compete with big healthcare systems, who have big digital teams and big digital budgets. Learn how smaller teams can even the playing field.
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7 Tips for Google My Business Success

With search results relying more and more on online listings, healthcare organizations today need to take control of their data and maintain it for ongoing digital...
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Best Practices for Writing Online Location Profile Content for Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

What do patients and visitors expect when they visit your location profile?
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How to Write Alternative Text and Improve the Accessibility of Your Hospital’s Website

One of the quickest ways to improve the accessibility of your hospital website is to enhance your alternative text. Learn what alt text is exactly and how to write it in...
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Six Common Accessibility Errors on Websites

If you’re curious what an automated tool would say about your hospital website, here’s a list of the most commonly reported issues and why they matter to your users....
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4 Examples of Engaging Heart & Vascular Service Line Web Content

There’s more than one way to tackle service line content for the web. See four examples of how healthcare systems across the country showcase services online.
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5 Reasons Healthcare Marketers Benefit from Web Writing Training

Whether you’re part of a large marketing team or you’re a team of one, healthcare-specific web writing training can help ensure your digital communications deliver...
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