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Content Marketing

Use content to connect your community with your healthcare brand.

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When it comes down to it, content is everything. So it’s not surprising that survey after survey reports healthcare organizations are investing more money and resources into content marketing initiatives. But getting a return on those investments is proving elusive for many healthcare marketers. That’s why leading healthcare organizations are turning to Geonetric to help them develop a content marketing framework that goes beyond blogging and produces sustainable results.

Content marketers with deep writing, strategy, and design expertise.

When done well, content marketing not only engages and converts your target audiences, but it also helps search engine rankings, fuels social media engagement, and compliments paid digital advertising efforts.

Our team provides the tools and framework to get you on the path to improving your content marketing efforts and tracking your success. Our experience developing innovative content marketing strategies in the healthcare industry will help your team:

  • Measure the value of your current content and provide recommendations to improve engagement and readability (we can train your writing team, or take care of the content development process for you)
  • Design and implement online content marketing hubs that share content in engaging ways, provide an exceptional user experience, and address many of the top SEO ranking factors
  • Incorporate connections to products and services through your content in subtle but effective ways that lead to conversions
  • Ensure your content marketing efforts align with your SEO priorities and other digital advertising initiatives
  • Develop editorial calendars that are useful and sustainable for the long-term

The right content marketing approach delivers real results

Content marketing isn’t a short-term play. It requires a thoughtful approach based on nurturing your target audience with educational and helpful information. But when done strategically, it’s an extremely effective way to connect people with your brand and enjoy unprecedented SEO benefits.

Content Marketing for Healthcare

Leading healthcare organizations are rethinking their content marketing strategies to go beyond blogging and produce tangible results.

Download this updated, second edition designed specifically for healthcare marketers who want to learn how to develop a content marketing framework that attracts a clearly-defined audience and drives action. You’ll learn the basics of content marketing, see some great examples of content marketing hubs, and learn new ways to ensure the time and resources you put into content marketing pay off.

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