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You know content marketing is an important part of your digital strategy. But with so many competing priorities on your plate, it’s hard to find the time, energy, and resources. You need a partner who speaks the language of successful content marketing and understands the unique challenges you face as a healthcare marketer. Geonetric is the perfect fit.

Content Marketing (noun; a practice): A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent digital content that doesn’t explicitly promote a brand, but is intended to stimulate the interest of a clearly defined audience in its products or services.

Your Partner Through Every Stage of Content Marketing

Maybe you need help getting started. Or maybe you have an established strategy, but need support to keep up with the ongoing demand for content. Or maybe you need guidance on tracking, measuring, and improving on your content marketing.

Whatever your need, Geonetric’s experts can act as an extension of your team at every stage of content marketing:

  • Research and insights — Gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences through keyword research, persona development, and more
  • Content marketing strategy — Establish your content marketing goals, approach, process, style, editorial calendar, and more
  • Content development — Generate content that engages consumers, supports your goals, and is optimized for search
  • Publishing and distribution — Share your content marketing stories through content marketing hubs, email, social media and other avenues
  • Analysis and optimization — Review the performance of your content, analyze the results, and iterate for greater success moving forward
  • Training and workshops — Partner with a content expert at Geonetric to build custom tools or grow your skills

Content Marketing for Healthcare

Leading healthcare organizations are rethinking their content marketing strategy to go beyond blogging and produce tangible results.

Download this second edition ebook created specifically for healthcare marketers that want to use content marketing to share expertise, nurture relationships, and build trust with current and future patients. You’ll:

  • Learn how to build an effective content marketing strategy
  • Explore ways to better understand your target audience
  • Get tips on developing engaging content
  • See inspiring examples
  • And more

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