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5 Top Trends in Healthcare Content Marketing in 2024

Learn what content marketing trends you can expect to encounter as we continue through 2024.

Staying updated on content trends is an easy way to maximize your content’s performance. From the coming AI backlash to the rise of voice search, make sure you’re prepared for changes in the industry.

There never seems to be a dull moment when it comes to new trends in the digital and content marketing landscape. Staying updated on content trends is an easy way to maximize your content’s performance. From the coming AI backlash to the rise of voice search, make sure you’re prepared for changes in the industry.

You’ll want to keep these tips in mind while designing new content or optimizing previously published content to keep it relevant and fresh.

  1. It’s Still All About AI:
    AI-generated content and content tools have been top-of-mind across many industries, and healthcare is no exception.

    Recent polling shows 76% of marketers use generative AI for basic content creation, and that number is likely to grow. That same wave of new AI content is slated to continue throughout the next year.

    Whether you’re using Jasper, ChatGPT, or something else, make sure you understand how to use these powerful content tools to their full potential for the best results. Learning to use your AI tool effectively while preserving an authentic brand voice is key when it comes to making your content work for you.

  2. Humanize Your Content:
    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And there sure has been some AI action lately! Some experts predict that the shine of AI will start to wear off. The overuse of AI-generated content has led to a saturated industry that may cause backlash from audiences.

    What does that mean for you? It means you have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the growing number of people who crave online authenticity. Sources a reader can trust may be few and far between in a sea of AI-written copy and attaching a real face to your piece can do a lot to increase engagement and trust.

    A lot of industries use influencers to achieve authenticity but that’s not recommended for healthcare. In lieu of working with an influencer, consider centering the human aspect of your organization’s offerings. Featuring patient stories and centering the voices of actual individuals can help readers connect with your content.

    Patient success stories, provider features, and video content highlighting staff are just a few excellent ways to add a human touch to your digital presence. In a sea of machine-generated content, let people connect with the human side of your organization.

  3. The Rise of Voice Search
    Voice search is one of the fastest-growing search trends of recent years and is expected to continue growing in popularity. More and more users search for content by asking Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Voice, or other search functions for what they need. Voice search keywords differ from traditional keywords, which means traditional SEO optimization may not be enough. You need to optimize your content specifically for voice search, mimicking the casual way people speak when using search.
  4. Overcoming Keyword Competition:
    Another side effect of the AI content deluge is increased keyword search volume and competition. Niche content offers a simple way to reach your audience without competing with the growing number of similar results. It may feel counterintuitive, but choosing less popular keywords can net you a higher search ranking.

    Now is an excellent time to add location-specific keywords to your content. Not only will you attract more local conversions but location-optimized content creates a built-in niche that gives you a SERP advantage.

  5. Cluster Your Content
    Want to keep your readers on-page longer, increase your click-through rates, and maximize conversion opportunities? Content clusters, or a group of related content topics, are an organic way to keep readers on your site throughout their search journey. When writing content, put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What are they most likely to ask after reading your blog, article, or service-line page?

    If a user is looking up information about lung cancer, chances are they’ll want information on treatments soon after. If someone is searching for content about the causes of dry skin, they’ll probably appreciate an easy-to-find article on eczema. A patient seeking content on drug trial work has a high chance of looking for trial opportunities near them.

    By spoon-feeding readers the answers to their next query using crosslinks or suggested content, you offer a better user experience and enjoy better KPIs. The end goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to find all the answers in one place. Anticipating your readers’ needs and questions your readers will have benefits you and your audience.

Need Help Incorporating These Trends into Your Marketing Program?

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5 Top Trends in Healthcare Content Marketing in 2024