Strategies for Patient-Centered Content Marketing

Explore methods and tools that help you focus your resources and shape your content marketing to fit your organization and your audience.

If you’re a healthcare marketer, you’re likely already sold on the idea of content marketing. More than 80% of healthcare organizations reported engaging in content marketing in 2018. And Geonetric’s latest Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey revealed content marketing is a top area for growth.

The question now is: How do you get the best return on your investment?

Join Geonetric’s healthcare content experts and learn why the strategy behind your content marketing is just as important as the quality of the stories you’re pushing out. Whether you’re new to content marketing, feel like you’re just going through the motions, or struggling to keep up with demand in a meaningful way, you’ll walk away from this webinar ready to invigorate your content marketing and deliver real value.

Learn about ways to:

  • Use personas and patient journey maps to tie content marketing efforts to your audience’s real-life experiences and concerns
  • Apply keyword research to make user-centered decisions about content
  • Build editorial calendars that keep your team on track to create and publish the right mix of content
  • Leverage CRM to gain insight into your audience’s behaviors and meet them where they’re at

Strategies for Patient-Centered Content Marketing