5 Ways to Kickstart Your Content Marketing

Despite the changes in search algorithms over the years, one thing remains a constant ranking factor: valuable, unique content that answers users’ questions.

Content marketing is an engaging, reliable way to answer everyday health questions, from how to treat a nasty cold to tips for living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

There’s no doubt it’s effective. However, it also takes incredible resources, something many lean hospital marketing teams just don’t have. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how the right partner can enable your organization to leverage content marketing efforts in a scalable way, helping you grow your brand, your audience, and your patient base.

You’ll learn:

  • Trends in healthcare content marketing — who’s doing it, what’s stopping the rest, and why it matters to today’s consumers and patients
  • Why SEO and keyword research help you tap into who your audience is and what matters to them
  • Why governance standards — including style guides, editorial calendars, core strategy statements, and workflows — can help align your team and brand goals
  • The importance of sharing your content everywhere: email newsletters, on your homepage, through social channels, and more
  • How a partner can help you do all of this, plus measure your success and provide metrics to keep you moving forward

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