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2024 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey

Healthcare organizations continue to feel the effects of the pandemic on their marketing efforts — while HIPAA guidance and artificial intelligence present new hurdles to overcome.

The world of healthcare marketing is constantly changing, with new technologies, regulations, and patient expectations developing on what feels like a daily basis. So, how are healthcare organizations weathering the storm?

In the 12th edition of our Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey, we pulled back the curtain to look at how more than 200 healthcare organizations and vendors across the United States feel their marketing efforts are going. 

From the Leader organizations rolling with the punches and seeing tremendous results from their digital media investments to the Laggards still waiting for their marketing budgets to return to pre-pandemic levels, our survey captures a valuable snapshot of the state of healthcare marketing. 

Download our eBook to see how your efforts compare with other healthcare providers, and what tactics you should consider prioritizing to help your organization reach its marketing goals. Who knows — with this valuable information, you may end up as one of our marketing Leaders in a future edition of the survey!

2024 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey