Top Healthcare Brand Builds Awareness for Breast Care on Social and Streaming Audio Platforms

Wayne UNC Health Care
Goldsboro, North Carolina
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Nationally-recognized health system affiliate uses paid social and audio campaigns to build awareness for breast health and generate mammogram appointments.


Working to overcome a decrease in preventative screenings – as well as to support October’s breast cancer awareness month – Wayne UNC Health Care partnered with Geonetric to develop eye-catching and awareness-building campaigns on social media, Spotify, and other streaming services.


Geonetric executed on Wayne UNC Health Care’s vision for two campaigns – one focused on building awareness for breast cancer and mammograms, and another on promoting new mammogram technology. From developing ad creative and writing scripts to reporting on analytics, Geonetric kept the campaign objective-focused from start to finish.


Overall the breast cancer awareness campaign delivered a 124% increase in mammogram appointments compared to the previous year and a 278% increase in mammogram appointment requests during the month the campaign ran. The social media campaign generated enough mammogram appointments to deliver a total ROI of 243%.


eHealthcare Leadership Awards 2021 Winner

“Geonetric is truly an extension of our marketing team. They take an idea, concept it, implement it, and ensure it delivers value. We trust their digital advertising expertise.”
Brittani Schultze-Gardner, Manager, Digital & Community Relations
Wayne UNC Health Care

Wayne UNC Health Care is a nonprofit hospital affiliate of UNC Health, a leading national healthcare organization in North Carolina. Like most hospitals and health systems, Wayne UNC Health Care noticed a substantial decrease in preventative care in their community in 2020.

They turned to their long-time digital partner Geonetric to help them execute new ideas to keep breast health top of mind in their Goldsboro, NC and Wayne County communities.

Building awareness for monthly observances

To align with the breast cancer awareness month in October, Wayne UNC Health Care worked with Geonetric’s digital team to create a digital audio campaign that ran on popular music streaming, digital radio, and podcast apps, such as Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, and iHeart Radio.

The campaign focused on the statistics that 1 in 8 women receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime – and listeners can be the one who detects it early with a mammogram from Wayne UNC Health Care. Audio ads, written by Geonetric, ran between songs, along with companion tile and banner creative to not miss the paid subscribers. Sharing real statistics that impact real women was an integral theme of the campaign, so it’s important to note that the creative used images of real, local women. This helped contribute to the overall success, as did coordinating offline efforts that included sidewalk decals and painting the downtown pink with matching campaign collateral.

audio ad for wayne unc health
Examples of ad creative from audio campaigns.

Wayne UNC Health Care ran this audio as part of a larger, integrated digital campaign, supporting messaging the target audience might be hearing through other channels. Adding audio to the marketing mix was important to Wayne UNC Health Care to broaden their exposure and reach consumers in ways other digital channels can’t, such as when they are driving or exercising.

In addition, Wayne UNC Health Care found that advertising on popular radio and streaming platforms is an effective way to reach target audiences while still keeping detailed analytics and tracking – something that’s hard to do with traditional radio advertising.

Promoting new, innovative technology

To promote Wayne UNC Health Care’s new SmartCurve™ paddle, Geonetric developed creative for the campaign that ran on Facebook and Instagram, the local news website, and a digital billboard in the Goldsboro area.

Geonetric managed the social campaign, identifying the demographic and geographic target audience, creating ad copy and design, optimizing and testing, and setting up tracking using both Facebook Pixel and event tracking in Google Tag Manager.

Since social media campaigns are an effective way to relate to your audiences and inject some personality into your ads, the creative for this campaign focused on fun. The ads took a more lighthearted approach to mammograms, speaking directly to the target audience and using more playful colors, images, and words. While the ads still matched Wayne UNC Health Care’s brand voice, they did allow the organization to have a bit more fun with the content, while using A/B testing to swap out creative regularly to avoid ad fatigue.

The campaign generated lots of engagement and interest, and in just 11 weeks it generated enough mammogram appointments to deliver a total ROI on the campaign of 243%.

Focused campaign and messaging efforts

Since part of the goal for both campaigns was awareness building, it’s important to note that over the course of both campaigns there was a 124% increase in mammogram appointments compared to the previous period. Looking at October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) year over year, there was a 278% increase in mammogram appointment requests – even in a pandemic!

Top Healthcare Brand Builds Awareness for Breast Care on Social and Streaming Audio Platforms