Microsite Shares Patient Stories

Bronson Healthcare
Kalamazoo, Michigan
2 minute read

A microsite integrates patient stories into a health system’s digital strategy.


Bronson’s marketing team had collected patient testimonials, but they didn’t have an effective way to share and promote them.


We helped create a microsite that showcases testimonials and dynamically integrates them with Bronson’s main site.


The microsite has been a hit with patients, staff, and their families. In the 18 months after launch, Bronson received 280 form submissions of testimonials — that’s about 15 every month.

“The microsite is effectively gathering new stories that bring our Bronson Positivity brand to life. Partnering with Geonetric helped us create an online destination that is engaging, easy to use, and advances our digital strategy.”

Cynthia Carpenter, System Director of Corporate Communications
Bronson Healthcare

After redesigning their main site, Bronson wanted to take the next step in their digital strategy. Bronson had been collecting testimonials, but needed a way to present them in a unique environment under the Bronson Positivity brand. In addition, Bronson wanted to develop a simple way for new and returning patients to submit their stories.

Collaboration Creates an Engaging Microsite

We collaborated with Bronson’s team and their agency, Periscope, to create a microsite called Bronson Positivity. Periscope created the design comps, and we translated them into design templates for WordPress. The result: a responsive site that engages site visitors and showcases patient stories.

Visitors can filter testimonials by location and service, thanks to the tagging features in WordPress. A card-based design supports an intuitive filtering experience. The site also allows visitors to search by keyword to easily find stories that speak to them.

Functionality Enables Strategic Integrations

Bronson promotes the testimonials on their main site by using a custom API our team developed. The API connects Bronson’s main CMS, VitalSite, and WordPress, allowing for testimonials to be dynamically integrated with existing provider, location, and service line pages. Prospective patients value and enjoy learning more about what their experience at Bronson will be like based on the authentic stories of other patients.

On the Bronson Positivity microsite, testimonials include links to related doctors, services, locations, and classes and events on the main site when applicable. For example, visitors reading a testimonial from a surgery patient can easily learn more about Bronson’s expert surgeons and related services.

Icons at the bottom of the page allow users to find related doctors, services, locations, and classes

Testimonials Offer a Multimedia Experience

The website includes a custom form for patients to easily add their testimonials and include images and videos. Calls-to-action on the home page and at the end of each testimonial encourage visitors to submit their story.

A screenshot of a testimonial with a video banner


The microsite has successfully integrated patient testimonials into Bronson’s digital strategy. By empowering patients to share their own stories, Bronson’s team is able to present a genuine and timely view of the patient experience. In the 18 months after launch, Bronson received 280 form submissions of testimonials. It’s such a streamlined process that Bronson’s team now has a little more time to pursue the next big thing.

Microsite Shares Patient Stories