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COVID-19 Healthcare Consumer Survey

Download the results of our consumer survey and see how COVID-19 has impacted how consumers are making decisions and what information they trust.

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially changed daily life. To help healthcare marketers across the country better understand how this new reality intersects with people’s healthcare experiences, Geonetric conducted an online survey of 600 internet users across the U.S. The surveys were completed April 3, 2020.

Learn how COVID-19 has affected consumers’ decision-making around healthcare as well as how they are responding to different types of communication from health systems. See data on how COVID-19 has:

  • Impacted consumers’ decisions and plans around seeking care for non-COVID-19 concerns
  • Changed content topics consumers want to learn about
  • Affected content format preferences by age segment
  • Impacted consumers’ trust in their local hospitals and health systems across different demographics


COVID-19 Healthcare Consumer Survey