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Preparing for the Post-pandemic Rebound

Now is the time to begin planning for a coordinated and safe transition back to marketing service lines.

This white paper shows how you must adjust your thinking and planning as you prepare to move forward. It also shares a five-step process for how to plan and prepare for the months ahead.

Whether you’ve had a heavy COVID-19 case load or not, the financial impact of this pandemic on health systems has been dramatic. Re-engaging health consumers is critical to the financial survival of many organizations, and care deferral is beginning to have serious consequences for the health of many Americans.

As you plan to open service lines, this white paper will help you:

  • Create a process that embraces uncertainty
  • Manage expectations for consumers, employees, and providers
  • Move your marketing focus from crisis communication to declining threat and transition to service line marketing
  • Utilze messaging pillars to promote what you care able to safely deliver today
  • Chart a course for content marketing, content strategy, and digital marketing based the phase your orgnaiation is in


Preparing for the Post-pandemic Rebound