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Writing and Deploying COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Spread the word about coronavirus vaccinations in your community by following our tips for effective healthcare content strategy and writing.

It’s time to get the word out. Reference our expert tips to start brainstorming the best way to reach your target audiences and get started writing.

Marketing tactics and content strategy recommendations

Reach the widest audience possible by:

  • Leveraging the same avenues you’ve found most effective for COVID-19 communications so far. Have consumers responded well to your blog, email newsletters, or social media?
  • Deploying a COVID-19 vaccination FAQ page to answer common questions and concerns.
  • Using your email, content marketing, and social media channels to provide timely, accurate information about your efforts.

“We’re all in this together”

For many, the most convincing argument to get vaccinated is a sense of duty to others. Consider:

  • Making patients who have received the vaccine part of your marketing. For example, stickers that say “I Got Vaccinated,” similar to the “I Voted” stickers, help patients feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves and make it easy for them to become champions of your cause by spreading the word via social media.
  • Featuring community leaders. Help overcome the politicization of the vaccine by including leaders representing different political views. Ask everyone involved to be an “influencer” and share the message where relevant.
  • Highlight your organization’s “healthcare heroes”.

Writing about the coronavirus vaccine for healthcare consumers

Make your coronavirus vaccine content clear, convincing, and actionable to people in your community by following these guidelines:

  • Use plain language that’s accessible to people of different health literacy levels. Make your message as engaging and clear as possible, aiming for an 9th grade reading level or lower.
  • Learn why people in your community are concerned about this vaccine. Then, use the same language they’re using to help educate them about benefits. Not only will this help readers better understand your content, it supports optimization for search engines like Google.
  • Lead with empathy. Research and understand various objections and communicate that you understand and sympathize. Tailor your messaging to address and overcome common objections and misconceptions.
  • Make your message impactful using different approaches. For some, statistics are most convincing, while for those, emotional messaging resonates.
  • Combat misinformation with facts and stories from credible sources. Leverage the increased respect and trust for your organization and providers by featuring your doctors in blog posts, videos, Facebook Live events, and other promotional channels. For example, a video of a doctor talking about the safety of the vaccine while administering it to another staff member could be particularly impactful.
  • Address access concerns. Highlight that the vaccine is free and trumpet ways you’re making it as accessible to your community as possible.
  • Make it easy for readers to take the next step. Keep interactions digital whenever possible – online appointment scheduling, text message reminders, etc.
  • Provide contact information or a chatbot feature so users can reach a helpful member of your staff if they have questions or concerns.
  • Communicate the places and times that vaccines will be available. Optimize your location profiles accordingly for search engines.
  • Explain in step-by-step detail what consumers can expect during their inoculation, what they should bring, and other helpful information. Not only will this make appointments go smoother for your organization’s staff, it helps dispel anxiety for consumers when they know what to expect.

Certain COVID-19 vaccinations require a second injection. If your organization is offering this type, messaging this clearly will be critical to the effectiveness of your vaccination efforts.

Align your team and providers around your public messaging

Make sure your internal team is on the same page. Follow our recommendations for educating your internal audiences about your vaccination efforts, as well as the messaging you want to share with patients, your community, and local media.

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Stella Hart

Senior Web Writer and Content Strategist

Writing and Deploying COVID-19 Vaccination Information