Web Writing & User-Focused Content Bring Redesign Goals to Life

LMH Health
Lawrence, Kansas
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Web writing and content strategy training along with content revision ensured redesign success for this community health system.


Having just rebranded to a system, LMH Health invested in web writing training for their team along with new site content to meet their redesign goals of engaging consumers and putting the patient first.


To help LMH Health create user-focused content, Geonetric delivered custom web writing training that gave the LMH Health team the skills and insight they needed to write copy that follows proven best practices for both healthcare and the web.


The training gave the LMH Health team the knowledge and skills they needed to tackle their content, revising copy to follow web writing best practices, putting the reader first, sharing the story of the new system-brand, and enhancing SEO efforts. Since launch in April 2019, LMH Health is ranking for 38% more keywords, has improved organic clicks from Google search, and increased time on page, for many pages sometimes by double the time.


“Geonetric’s on-site training was priceless. They provided custom web writing training, taught us how to use keyword research tools, and facilitated great conversations about how we would structure the new site and write engaging content. Best of all, we all left with a thorough understanding of how our strategic initiatives would play out on the site as well as confidence in how the shift to a system-centric site would help us improve the overall user experience. We were then able to have thoughtful conversations across the organization and gain additional buy-in for our digital initiatives.”

Darren Moore, Digital Content and Brand Manager
LMH Health

Having undergone a recent rebrand from Lawrence Memorial Hospital to LMH Health, the Lawrence, KS-based healthcare organization wanted to make sure their new website showed the breadth and depth of their expanded system and showcased their purpose of being a partner for lifelong health. With site redesign goals around improving consumer engagement, putting the patient first and shifting from treatment to a wellness focus, the organization knew investing in enhanced website copy would be key to their success.

That’s why during the redesign, they turned to Geonetric’s expert content team and asked them to come on-site and train the LMH Health marketing team on web writing for healthcare best practices. Since LMH Health wanted to create a consumer-focused website, during the workshop Geonetric taught the team how they can use keyword research to gain insight into what topics their audience is interested in, and how to write about those topics using the words that their audience prefers and understands.

Building a Team of Knowledgeable Strategists and Writers

Having worked with Geonetric’s content strategy and development team on past projects, and having attended past web writing training by Geonetric, the LMH Health team started with a content strategy training focused helping the team understand how to determine where content will live in their new site structure as they moved to a system-centric website. They were given a usable framework for how to determine on their own where content should live, with special attention paid to location content.

For the web writing training, they began with a refresher on best practices. The in-depth workshop explained how search engine optimization (SEO) and great, user-focused content go hand-in-hand. The training reviewed how to keep content simple and scannable, how to focus on the user, and how to write calls to action that are clear and concise.

They then moved into custom training that focused on helping the LMH team learn the skills they would need to meet their unique goals of increasing user engagement and integrating more storytelling into the new site. The training also included diving into how they could use keyword research and other tools to better understand their audience and develop content based on the audiences’ needs, interests, and preferences

The training explored tools that help writers create readable, user-focused content that adheres to a consistent voice, tone, and style. The LMH Health team put the new tools and skills to work right away, participating in exercises where they revised a chunk of content from their current site to improve readability.

Writing workshops can be performed at any stage of your website presence. Since LMH Health decided to pair this writing workshop along with their redesign, their onsite training session with Geonetric also expanded into more strategic topics, including:

  • A timely discussion with their leadership team about the shift in their website strategy to support their overall organization’s mission, as well as an ask for subject matter expert (SME) involvement
  • A whiteboard exercise outlining writing workflows and content request processes
  • An interactive workshop session around location-specific content strategy aspects of their new site structure
  • Decision-tree exercises balancing organizational structure vs. online customer experience, as it relates to website architecture

Training on Keyword Research and Keyword Portfolios

With the goals of redefining the site to be consumer-first and creating easier consumer engagement opportunities for patients, it was clear the LMH Health team would need to learn how to use keyword research strategically.

A large portion of the training focused on the value of keyword research to learn what topics LMH Health’s audience is interested in and to learn specific words their audience uses when they search. Since the training is customized to LMH Health, the team shared insights into what they were seeing in LMH Health’s specific geographic service area.

The team did a deep dive into gastroenterology, learning how their real users search for symptoms of the digestive disorder gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). They learned how to use keyword research tools, such as Google Trends, to compile a list of potential keywords and alternative terms and variations. They also learned how to take into account user intent and consider the impact local results have on their content.

Then they worked on incorporating keywords into their content naturally and strategically across different page elements, such as page titles and headings, getting additional training and workshop time around how to write user-focused meta descriptions.

Accessing Additional Content Support

LMH Health also invested in a content support package that guaranteed time with Geonetric’s content and digital marketing teams.

With this support package, LMH Health made Geonetric an extension their own team. Through this partnership, Geonetric:

  • Developed a keyword portfolio for eight key service lines
  • Reviewed content is written by LMH Health writers and provided actionable tips for improvement
  • Wrote select service line pages

Reaping Results of User-Focused Redesign

Since launch in April 2019, LMH Health is enjoying great results, particularly around keyword ranking, organic clicks from Google search, and time on page. Here are a few highlights:

  • LMH is ranking for more keywords – in fact, keywords that they’re ranking for organically increased by 38% year over year
  • Organic clicks for Google search results have increased to service line sections 16% compared to last year
  • Specific pages, including Physical Therapy, Vein Center, and Well Care have seen significant increases in time-on-page. For Well Care, time on page has doubled from 1:29 in 2018 to 3:00 since launch
  • Web Writing & User-Focused Content Bring Redesign Goals to Life