Website Accessibility & Healthcare

Learn why accessibility matters in healthcare and how to set up an accessibility program at your hospital or health system.

Accessibility on the web matters.

And it matters even more for the healthcare industry, as access to care is your top priority. As your organization works to enhance the user experience, it’s important to put a plan in place to ensure people with disabilities — such as those with color blindness or hearing loss – can still interact with your hospital’s site. Ensuring your website works with assistive technologies isn’t just the right thing to do — recent lawsuits are making more healthcare organizations take notice of accessibility guidelines and best practices.

Join Amanda Gansemer, Senior Web Designer and Developer, Geonetric, and Kevin Rydberg, Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant, Siteimprove, as they dig into why hospitals should be investing in accessibility and how to get started. You’ll learn:

  • The opportunities and risks associated with accessibility and the web
  • What it means to be accessible
  • An overview of important standards and why they matter
  • The tools available to help you understand how accessible your site is — or isn’t
  • How to create an accessibility plan to achieve short-term goals as well how to develop strategies for long-term success within your organization

Amanda Gansemer, CPACC

Senior Web Designer & Developer

Website Accessibility & Healthcare