Redesign Builds Digital Front Door for Tech-Savvy Patients

Kirkland, Washington
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A redesign with user-focused search helps this Washington state health system deliver an innovative, mobile-first website for its tech savvy community.


With many high-tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft in their backyard, EvergreenHealth wanted to push the boundaries with its new website redesign by including predictive conditions and procedures search functionality and taking a mobile-first approach at every turn.


Geonetric’s industry-leading digital team optimized EvergreenHealth’s website with a data-driven strategy that will provide value for years to come. EvergreenHealth’s new design ties its brand consistently throughout the main site, two microsites, marketing hub and provider profiles.


The new site launched in July of 2021 and saw immediate results, including an overall bounce rate decrease by 26% and a mobile bounce rate decrease by 30%. In addition, EvergreenHealth has had phone number clicks on the site increase by 47%, and pages per session increase by 13%.


“Geonetric helped us push the boundaries with our new website, meeting and exceeding our tech-savvy consumer expectations. We’re thrilled to be on a more stable and scalable platform that sets the foundation for our digital transformation efforts.”

Gail Neubert, Senior Communication Specialist

EvergreenHealth is a two-hospital health system in Washington that helps enrich the health and well-being of their community. Their Kirkland campus has a 318-bed medical center and four medical specialty buildings, and the Monroe campus has a 72-bed hospital with a medical specialty building. Kirkland is also home to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, and EvergreenHealth knew it was more critical than ever to provide their tech-savvy community with an easy-to-navigate, system-wide website that delivers a premium, mobile-first user experience. That’s why the health system sought out Geonetric’s help to create a new website that builds brand awareness, is user friendly, and is built on a scalable content management system (CMS), like VitalSite for future website needs.

Mobile-first, system-wide approach

Geonetric delivered on EvergreenHealth’s vision for a mobile-first digital platform with a patient-centered focus. The homepage design added branded colors and icon elements along with a more modern design, keeping content clean and easy to scan.

EvergreenHealth’s homepage banner focuses on the broad range of care options they offer and getting site visitors easier access to care – primary care, specialty care, urgent care, emergency care. This user-friendly approach invites people to learn how to match their healthcare needs with the expert health services available throughout EvergreenHealth.

With at least half of all site visitors originating from a mobile device, unique mobile navigation prominently displays the three top tasks. Find a Doctor, Health Services and Locations are anchored to the bottom of the homepage on mobile, creating an app-like layout and allowing site visitors to use their thumb to click on the needed information quickly. In addition, the user-focused task navigation and information panels help visitors search by symptoms, find health services and learn more about EvergreenHealth locations, news, events, and history.

EvergreenHealth Mobile Home Page

Custom provider profiles

Unlike traditional provider directories where site visitors can only search for a doctor based on name, location or service, EvergreenHealth’s “Find a Doctor” lets patients search using a pre-populated menu of symptoms and procedures. Searching by symptoms makes it’s more straightforward and user-friendly for site visitors to find the right provider with the right expertise. For example, potential patients can search “knee pain” and see a list of doctors specializing in knee conditions.

The symptom search is available from the homepage and the provider directory landing page. Other, more traditional search options, including name, location and specialty like “orthopedics,” is also available.

EvergreenHealth Symptom Search

Because of this functionality, EvergreenHealth knew traffic to provider profiles would increase and looked to Geonetric for their expertise on how to optimize provider profiles.
A new, custom provider profile intuitively displays office information, provider photos, patient ratings and reviews, and highlights the doctor’s expertise to create compelling physician profiles that convert visitors into patients.

EvergreenHealth Dr. Michael J. Codsi

Coordinating content strategy and content for the move to system

One concern during the redesign was the volume of content EvergreenHealth had on their current site. Geonetric’s content strategists recommend a simplified, user-focused sitewide structure and navigation for the main site to create a better user experience and help site visitors find medical services.

With the realization of bringing over five out of the seven microsites as part of the system-wide approach, Geonetric worked closely with EvergreenHealth to review duplicate content and prioritize moving high-ranking and high-engagement pages. A content matrix guided the shift from individual sites to a system site, mapping what pages to migrate, edit or create. The matrix also identified natural cross-linking opportunities for visitors to quickly find the remaining microsites, EvergreenHealth Monroe and EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute.

In addition, Geonetric’s content team wrote several service line sections during the redesign, including primary care and orthopedics to support EvergreenHealth’s small marketing team.

EvergreenHealth Neurosciences Programs

Marketing hub strategy

To take EvergreenHealth’s content marketing to the next level, Geonetric created a content marketing hub strategy. Healthiest Best, a previous content hub microsite, was integrated into the main site to increase traffic and boost search engine optimization. A new content structure driven by user data, makes it easy for readers to find the most popular topics and services. The custom design leverages EvergreenHealth’s system branding and site visitors can filter stories by topic or service or use an intuitive keyword search.

EvergreenHealth Be Your Healthiest Best

Reeling in the results

Since launch, overall engagement has increased 9% in page views, 13% in pages per session and 4% clicks from Google organic search. With 52% of users on a mobile device, EvergreenHealth saw a significant decrease of 30% mobile bounce rate a 26% overall bounce rate.

Redesign Builds Digital Front Door for Tech-Savvy Patients