Ask the Experts: Your Biggest Healthcare Content Questions Answered

Managing the content initiatives at your hospital or health system today takes many forms — from content strategy to content development to content marketing. Staying on top of best practices across all of those disciplines can be overwhelming.

That’s why our content team — filled with experts in journalism, content strategy, content marketing, and healthcare — is here to help by hosting a popular Ask the Experts webinar. They’ll use their deep experience helping health systems of all sizes develop intuitive information architectures, build engaging content marketing hubs, and create content that converts.

They’ll take on the tough questions, including how to:

  • Develop and use personas and patient journeys effectively in your writing
  • Get the information you need out of stakeholder interviews
  • Move from silos of content to a system approach
  • Use people-first language in your writing
  • Incorporate keyword research in your content
  • Be thoughtful about your community’s health literacy levels

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