Case Study: How Avera Designed Modern Healthcare’s Website of the Year

Take a behind-the-scenes look into how Avera developed its award-winning, user-centric web presence.

When Avera was ready to redesign, they needed a thoughtful strategy to leverage the strength of their system brand while still maintaining a strong presence in local markets.

Watch this webinar and learn how Avera created their patient-centric and award-winning website and content marketing hub. Lindsey Meyers, MBA, Vice President, Public Relations at Avera, shares the strategy behind how they tell their complex story online. During this in-depth case study, you’ll learn how the organization’s digital presence has evolved over the years, how they used consumer expectations to guide decisions in their latest redesign, and how they secured buy-in for the project across diverse internal stakeholder groups.

In this free, on-demand webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Use consumer expectations to shape online experiences
  • Create a thoughtful digital strategy for a complex health system
  • Gain project buy-in across diverse and geographically-disparate stakeholder groups
  • Holistically approach content strategy, SEO, design, and functionality in a redesign
  • Integrate your content marketing investment across your digital presence to increase brand awareness and engagement

Case Study: How Avera Designed Modern Healthcare’s Website of the Year