Using Data to Guide an Online Locations Strategy for Complex Healthcare Systems

From local search trends and developments in voice search to fierce keyword competition and the connection to business listings, there’s a lot to consider when developing a comprehensive location strategy. Developing that strategy for multi-entity systems becomes even more complex.

Learn how UNC Health Care used extensive web analytics and stakeholder feedback to create a comprehensive location strategy, with special attention paid to UNC Health Care’s specialty clinics. You’ll see first-hand how this new strategy delivered location pages that offer better user experience, are more relevant to local searches, and comply with accessibility standards. You’ll also learn tips for how to invest in a locations strategy that will set your organization up for future success – even as patients’ search motivations evolve.

Watch this free webinar and learn how to:

  • Use data from Google Analytics, heatmapping, scrollmapping, site search, and stakeholder surveys to create a comprehensive strategy for your locations.
  • Make decisions about content strategy, design, and functionality that balances consumer expectations and the needs of your organization.
  • Create a strategy to improve your organization’s competitiveness in local search, while reducing the internal competition among your own locations.

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