Writing for SEO: 6 Tips to Improve Your Healthcare Content


As Google’s algorithms have grown more sophisticated, optimizing content for search engines has become more about creating findable, quality content that real people value.

Gone are the dark days of keyword stuffing and other black hat tactics that didn’t benefit actual human readers. In this 20-minute webinar, we’ll cover rules for writing a webpage that competes in online searches.

You’ll learn:

  • Tricks to optimize your page for certain search engine queries
  • How a page’s placement in your site structure can affect page ranking
  • Why researching keywords is vital
  • The value of metadata
  • And more…

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Celine Klosterman

Senior Content Strategist & Writer

Celine is a story teller. Her love of writing and learning enables her to express the stories she hears in a clear, well-written way. Which fits her role of Web Content Writer perfectly. She knows when you or someone you love needs hospital care, it’s a major event in your life. The content on a hospital’s site can help you find the information you need during that time, and what you find could literally be life-changing. But there’s more to Celine than just writing. She’s recently started volunteering at the Catherine McAuley Center as an English tutor to female refugees.