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Presenting your site content in a way that clearly and intuitively reflects consumer objectives helps build loyalty and creates measurable opportunities for ROI. But bringing order to hundreds of pages of content and dozens of competing priorities is easier said than done. That’s why healthcare organizations turn to Geonetric’s expert team of strategists to help them.

Experts at improving patient experience through thoughtful content strategy.

From understanding what content is on your site, to creating a plan for long-term governance, our expert team will teach you how to approach content strategically. Trust us to:

  • Provide expert recommendations for overall information architecture, including site, section, and page structure, that’s based on business goals, stakeholder interviews, site visitor input, competitor analysis, and healthcare best practices
  • Perform audit of existing content for audience fit, writing quality, voice, tone, messaging, relevance, value, content types, information gaps, and more
  • Develop a site blueprint, often called a content matrix, to outline content needs for a new site implementation
  • Deliver guidance on creating page titles, headings, and meta descriptions that are optimized for search engines
  • Create an actionable plan for the ongoing development and governance of web content

Content strategy delivers results.

According to Pew Research and Google, 80 percent of overall online health queries begin at search engines. With Geonetric and our effective content strategy, you’ll be ensuring you convert more those prospective patients when they arrive on your site, producing positive results for your hospital, health system, or physician group.


Considering Content Strategy?

Competitive advantage today lies in delivering intuitive, streamlined, consumer-focused, valuable digital experiences. At the core of all of those digital experiences is great content.

Content strategy provides the relevant insight and tools to help hospitals and healthcare systems address the ever-growing customer demand for innovation by delivering enticing, easy-to-use digital experiences.

If you’re considering content strategy, download this white paper and learn how content strategy will help you take a comprehensive view of your current situation, stakeholders, audiences, and business goals and create a blueprint for an engaging website experience.

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