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Moving from Silos of Web Content to a System Approach

Provide a single clear, consistent message that reflects your unified health system.

When you take a systemwide approach to content, you help ensure potential patients see all the services your organization offers. And you can look forward to an SEO boost because you’re not duplicating information on multiple hospital sites or webpages.

Promoting multiple brands and facilities on one website can be difficult. Health systems are starting to move from silos of web content to a strategy that balances a regional brand while still highlighting their individual facilities. Learn the benefits of building a website that makes it easy for consumers to access services across a system, and managing multiple online brands in a way that meets organizational goals while providing a seamless user experience every step of the way.

In this article, learn how other organizations:

  • Use a consolidated approach to help stop patient leakage
  • Leverage the power of a system brand
  • Reduce content redundancy and improve content governance with a system-centric website
  • Use data and industry best practices to gain buy-in from stakeholders on making the move

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    Moving from Silos of Web Content to a System Approach