Using Content to Compete

Cape Cod Healthcare
Hyannis, Massachusetts
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Selling the value of a top-quality health system in its users’ neighborhood.


Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC) needed to help patients understand they can stay close to home for excellent providers and medical care.


Geonetric’s writing experts delivered new, user-focused content that conveys the benefits of 46 service lines, including some not previously represented online.


In the year after launch, CCHC saw 22 percent more sessions, 23 percent more users, and 24 percent more pageviews on its website than during the previous year.


“Geonetric’s content team is incredibly professional and shared lots of expertise. We really valued their recommendations, direction, and suggestions. They guided us to make the right decisions for our business.”

Former Marketing Program Manager
Cape Cod Healthcare

With a saturated healthcare market like Boston in your backyard, it’s important to educate health consumers on the level of care available close to home. Enlisting Geonetric’s expert writing team, Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC) transformed its reputation from a quaint, community hospital to a major player that can compete with Boston-area health systems and academic medical centers.

Compelling Content

After in-depth research that included stakeholder interviews, Geonetric’s writers developed new content that better communicates the benefits of the health system’s expert doctors and excellent services. In addition, the agency produced new content for 46 service lines, including in-depth content for six key service lines CCHC targeted for increased market share.

Publication of a new, robust heart and vascular section aligned with the launch of CCHC’s Heart and Vascular Institute. All content improves SEO by focusing on users and the benefits they receive from CCHC. Site visitors now understand they can stay close to home while benefiting from CCHC’s medical expertise, superior care, comprehensive services, and clinical partnerships with renowned Boston health care facilities.

Promoting Blood Donations

In addition to winning back market share, CCHC has another, secondary goal for the new site: promoting blood donations.  Through a dedicated page on the website, Cape Cod residents are encouraged to donate blood that will stay on the Cape to help their friends and neighbors. This gives CCHC a unique opportunity to use blood donation as a brand builder, creating a positive experience for donors with the hospital. As an added bonus, these efforts have reduced the amount of blood CCHC has to buy back, saving the organization thousands.

Using Content to Compete