Content Marketing for Healthcare


Effective content marketing requires more than just writing blogs posts.

Leading healthcare organizations are rethinking their content marketing strategies. To stand out today, you need to create content that is exclusive, valuable, and delivered consistently. Watch this video to learn how to develop a content marketing framework that attracts a clearly-defined audience and drives action. We’ll discuss the basics of content marketing, showcase great examples from inside and outside of healthcare, and highlight how to use content marketing to meet both your organizational goals and your audiences’ interests.

You’ll learn:

  • The many shapes content marketing can take and what makes content valuable
  • Which content marketing tactics healthcare marketers find most effective – and how that compares with the B2C industry
  • Examples of effective (and not effective!) content marketing
  • How to generate ideas for your content marketing efforts
  • And more

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Anne Kapler

Principal Content Strategist & Writer

A former journalist, Anne’s passionate about clear, informative, well-organized content that resonates with readers. As a Principal Content Strategist & Writer at Geonetric, she helps healthcare systems align their digital content with business goals and user needs. She builds intuitive information architectures; crafts accessible, readable content; and develops content governance tools that help healthcare marketing teams bring order to their online efforts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Iowa.