Storytelling with Data: Data Visualization for Healthcare

When it comes to conveying the value of your digital efforts to stakeholders, or even other members of your team, you have probably felt like you’re speaking completely different languages.

When buy-in is critical to your success and you have to prove your return on investment (ROI), you need to report data in a way that anyone can understand, without requiring them to take a course in data analytics.

Join Tim Lane, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Geonetric, as he shares tips and tricks to data visualization honed by working with hospitals and health systems of all sizes and across diverse markets. You’ll leave with actionable ideas for how to tell a story with your data.

He’ll dive into Google’s Data Studio as well as lesser-known plug-ins that will answer your top questions around data, including how to:

  • Know what data you should include in reports
  • Tell when you should use comparative data
  • Choose the right format, such as table or chart, to tell your story
  • Take advantage of filters to create dynamic graphics
  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Select plugins that will help you tell the full story
  • Prove that ever-elusive ROI

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