Balancing Local Care and System Strengths: Finding Success with a Unified UX

While health systems continue to expand, care is still mostly local. Connecting healthcare consumers to local care while supporting a strong system brand creates ongoing challenges.

Most health systems have shifted to a UX strategy focused on a single, unified site. But for many, the ongoing challenges of balancing competing interests and responding to organizational changes threaten to derail the user experience.

How do you represent a complex organization on the web in a way that creates good user experiences and supports business goals? That’s no easy task and there’s no set playbook to follow. But there is a common path to arriving at your right answer: Your target audiences. When you put their expectations, preferences, and needs at the center of your strategy, you’ll create an effective, meaningful user experience that drives your organization forward.

Join a team user experience, content strategy and search engine optimization experts from Geonetric and learn the steps you can take to determine the best way to present your brand—and everything that lives within it—online.

Watch today and learn:


Solutions to common health system website challenges in organizing content, specifically when a unified site strategy makes sense and when it doesn’t


How to balance and communicate specific local offerings vs. system capabilities in multiple service areas based on unique market needs and expectations


SEO opportunities and challenges presented by unified sites


Lindsey Steinkamp

Sr. UX Researcher

Lindsey uses her diverse background in design, user experience, search engine optimization and digital strategy to help healthcare organizations achieve their goals. As a senior UX researcher at Geonetric, she systematically studies target users and digital patient journeys to collect and analyze data to informs opportunities for improving the overall experience. Lindsey helps complex organizations, such as multi-state health systems and academic medical centers, enhance digital experiences and improve the ROI on digital investments.

Michael Leonard

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Michael is an experienced digital strategist with skills in multiple aspects of SEO, SEM, keyword discovery, and content creation. His varied history includes helping traditional publishing companies make the transition to digital-focused and helped some of the most prestigious universities in the country build acquisition strategies through social media, display advertising, and content strategy. As a Senior Marketing Strategist, Michael helps health systems of all sizes increase their market share. He holds an associate’s degree in arts from Kirkwood Community College and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Iowa.