5 Steps to Winning Personalized Experiences

Creating personalized digital experiences is a top priority for most health systems. But going from vision to reality can be challenging.

Check out this helpful video to walk away with a plan on how to take a strategic personalization approach and apply it to your website. You’ll get real direction on how to use tailored experiences to deliver business value and guidance that works whether you’re on Sitecore today, considering a move to Sitecore, or vetting other digital experience platforms.

Watch on-demand and learn:


The two key requirements to ensure a successful personalization program


The five-part personalization framework that will allow you to develop a program and scale it


The importance of governance to drive team and campaign efficacy


How to tie personalization programs to business goals


Eric Ungs

Agency Services Director

Eric is a performance-driven creative and brand leader dedicated to ensuring Geonetric builds websites that deliver unparalleled user experiences. As Geonetric’s design director, he provides thought leadership and mentorship to the design team and prioritizes the team’s work. Eric also collaborates across teams to scope projects for clients and bring new products to market. With over a decade of experience managing creative services for both B2B and B2C brands, he brings expertise and experience at guiding creativity for large-scale digital campaigns and website designs and development to his leadership role. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications from the University of Northern Iowa.