Outperform Your Competition with Google Ads

Discover best practices for building healthcare display and paid search campaigns that meet your goals, outperform the competition, and deliver real results.

From design and development to monitoring and iteration, you’ll learn how to optimize your campaigns from start to finish for ideal performance. Our experts will explain when to use display ads and when to use search ads based on your broader marketing goals, as well as take a deep dive into some of the latest techniques and conversion types. Best of all, you’ll see real-world examples from hospitals and health systems around the country who are finding success with Google Ads.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Employ the latest digital marketing techniques using Google Ads and ad extensions
  • Overcome common mistakes when developing goals
  • Match the right digital campaign to your goals
  • Decide when to use display ads versus search ads for optimal performance
  • Develop click-worthy content and eye-catching creative that converts
  • Leverage knowledge gained from other hospitals and health systems who are finding success using paid display and search campaigns

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