Redesign Smarter: Make Your Next Hospital Website Your Best


A redesign is not just a chance to refresh your website’s appearance. It’s your opportunity to enhance the user experience, streamline content and improve SEO. Watch this video to learn how Owensboro Health used a redesign project to improve their website, meet patient needs, drive organic search traffic and improve their content.

There are many reasons for considering a website redesign. Chief among them: your health system probably has changed significantly since your last launch, and your web presence needs to keep up. Although every organization might have a different motivation for initiating a redesign, every hospital knows the importance of having a design and navigation that works for today’s mobile users and web copy that is benefit–driven and focused on conversion.

Learn how Owensboro Health worked with Geonetric to take its site design in a new, bold direction. Features include unique navigation, card-inspired design elements, and a large-format homepage video that steals the show. During the redesign, Owensboro Health also took a critical look at the site’s content and search engine optimization efforts.

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