WordPress Survival Skills for the Healthcare Marketer


This webinar answers big picture questions, and will help you decide if this is the right platform for your next digital initiative.

You probably know that WordPress powers more than a quarter of the entire internet. What you may not know is if it is a good fit for your next healthcare marketing project. In this webinar, you’ll learn veteran tips on how to take full advantage of this ubiquitous platform or how to keep your current site delivering value. Whether you’re considering building your next main site on WordPress, or creating a blog, content marketing hub, or microsite with the platform, it’s important to ensure it supports your overall digital strategy. From choosing plugins and custom themes to building healthcare-specific functionality to meeting security and privacy requirements, we’ll provide guidance on both implementation and ongoing site management. No digging into development technicalities here: This webinar will answer the big picture questions and help marketing strategists know if this is the right platform for your next digital initiative.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Avoid common WordPress pitfalls that result in hidden costs and risk the security of your site.
  • Approach content strategy when working in WordPress.
  • Make best use of built-in content management and site structure.
  • Enhance your search optimization efforts while using WordPress, specifically if you are thinking of launching a blog or microsite.
  • Understand the future of WordPress and what that means for marketers

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David Sturtz

Vice President, Experience Strategy

David uses his deep background in design, content strategy and product development to bring vision and innovation to Geonetric’s healthcare solutions. He has tackled healthcare digital marketing challenges from all sides, from designing user-friendly information architectures to building content management software that runs websites for hundreds of healthcare brands. David has previously presented at SHSMD and frequently speaks on a variety of user experience and digital strategy topics. He holds a master’s degree in library and information science from Drexel University and a bachelor’s degree in design from the University of Northern Iowa.