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Meaningful Use Puts Patients Front and Center

Exciting may not be how you’d typically describe Meaningful Use. But with the new Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules, you may change your mind. The proposed rules make patient and family engagement a priority. Putting tools in place won’t be enough — patients must actually use the technology to qualify for HITECH funding and avoid penalties. Learn how the second stage expects organizations to improve the patient experience, what’s next, and how you, as a healthcare marketer can help your organization qualify. We cover what Meaningful Use means for your Web initiatives and how you can use it to improve care, outcomes, patient satisfaction, and even differentiate your organization. Now that’s exciting!

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Meaningful Use Stage 2 impacts patient and family engagement
  • How to improve user adoption and qualify for Meaningful Use Stage 2 dollars
  • What Meaningful Use Stage 3 and beyond will likely mean for marketers
  • How to step up and get involved in the process today

Download this presentation: PDF | MP3

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