Markup & On-Page Optimization Boosts Search Impressions

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Effective tactics help a Women’s Health service line compete.


UNM Health System wanted to grow the Women’s Health service line, but faced tough competition on search engines from specialty clinics and health systems.


Geonetric added markup and optimized page content to reach more patients through search.


Impressions doubled for the main Women’s Health page and the service line began ranking for new keywords.

“Geonetric did an excellent job fine-tuning and optimizing our site. The markup, Google My Business listing, and optimized keywords in the content have shown dramatic positive results. It’s been a pleasure to see it in action, and I have learned a lot.”

Erica Capling, Web Administrator
UNM Health System

Patients in the Albuquerque, NM area can choose from multiple options for women’s health services. When competing for search engine rankings, specialty practices have been able to succeed with focused content and local SEO strategies.

For the University of New Mexico (UNM) Health System, Women’s Health is only one service line among many. But it’s a strategic service line that the organization wants to grow. After launching a new site, UNM Health System’s web team launched a project with Geonetric to improve the reach of their women’s health services. Our team implemented markup and on-page keyword optimization to boost impressions on search engines. Markup markup is metadata that helps search engines understand the information on webpages and provide richer search results. As search engines rely on machine learning more and more, will become increasingly important.

Our team focused on improving local search results by adding markup for locations, hours, geographical service area, and phone numbers. We added markup to help Google understand the relationship of the Women’s Health service line to the larger UNM Health System brand. In addition, we provided Google with URLs, logo, and photo for the knowledge panel.

On-Page Optimization

After adding markup, we began keyword research to determine how users in the Albuquerque area search for women’s health services.  we could optimize the content around those specific words and phrases.

We focused our research on UNM Health System’s service area, which includes Albuquerque and surrounding towns such as Belen, Rio Rancho, and Los Lunas. We also analyzed user search behavior in nearby Sante Fe.

SEO research tools helped us find related keywords that were worth considering, as well as questions that people ask related to women’s health services. After compiling a full list, we evaluated the search volume and how competitors were ranking for each word or phrase. We prioritized the list based on popularity and competitiveness.

Our team strategically wove the keywords into the page content. We focused on high priority areas such as page title, headers, and content toward the top of the page. In addition, added location keywords to capture local searches. To help spread ranking power, we inserted more cross-links within the Women’s Health section. We also listed locations and linked to those pages.


Impressions doubled for the main Women’s Health page. Prior to localizing the content, the page received little to no impressions for non-branded, localized search terms such as “women’s health Albuquerque.” Now the page has begun ranking for these terms. Along with localized terms, the site has begun ranking for general, non-branded terms such as “women’s health clinic.” As of June 2018, women’s health has seen a steady, strong flow of organic traffic each month, increasing by 10% from May 2018 to June.

Improving Across Service Lines

As part of the project, the UNM Health System team implemented our recommendations in multiple areas. Their involvement helped achieve the positive results and increased their skills. New content added to family medicine, for example, paired with SEO work that improved its improvement in 2018 over 2017.

Overall, organic traffic to the site has increased 23% in a year’s time.

And a recent structure improvement to Neurology and Neurosciences & Stroke Care provided users with a better experience: It saw an 11% decrease in bounce rates, a 59% increase in pages per session, and a 42% average increase in session duration.

Optimizing the content and adding markup has been successful in getting the site more visible in search. This visibility will help UNM Health System increase awareness for their health services in an already saturated market. Markup & On-Page Optimization Boosts Search Impressions