Digital Retainer Boosts Convenience Care for Minnesota Hospital

Olmsted Medical Center
Rochester, Minnesota
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With competition in their backyard, Olmsted Medical Center wanted to lead patients to the Convenience Care they need.


Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) wanted to prepare for growing non-emergency care competition in their community and turned to Geonetric to give their Convenience Care services better visibility.


A collaboration between Geonetric’s digital marketing team and content writers led to the creation of pages that better-answered patient questions and drove them to the Convenience Care front doors.


After its launch, OMC’s Convenience Care section saw an 18% increase in organic traffic and a 21% increase in engagement. And conversions to reserve a spot at one of the clinics increased by 298%.

“We appreciate the many skills and talents of the Geonetric team. For this project, we appreciated all the team did in helping us promote the Convenience Care service line. The results were beyond expectation.”

Barb Sorensen, Communications and Web Services Manager
Olmsted Medical Center

While planning their 2018 redesign, OMC kept an eye on the growing (and existing) competition in their Rochester, MN community. But more importantly, the OMC team wanted to help their patients more quickly find the most appropriate non-emergency care clinic.

With an SEO retainer through Geonetric in place, they asked for help: How could OMC build a better non-emergency care service line section – their own branded Convenience Care – that leads patients to the right clinic when they need it most?

A Collaboration of SEO and Content

As any SEO expert will tell you, it’s more than just keywords that drives good indexing and connections with users. Geonetric’s digital marketing team was ready with tools to help research current user experience and seek out trends in keyword data to help drive better page titles and optimization opportunities.

But OMC also needed improved navigation and content, so Geonetric’s digital experts and content writers teamed up.

In the six-month project, from January to June 2018, digital marketing researched data to drive better results for OMC’s Convenience Care service line. As they revealed keyword data and user research, content wrote fresh, keyword- and user-optimized content for each Convenience Care service provided.

Monthly check-ins throughout the project kept the OMC team informed of the progress made and the metrics in flux as content was implemented on their website at

Geonetric’s digital marketing team also set up specific Google Analytics tracking for the new-and-improved Convenience Care section, as well as markup to help search engine indexing.

And OMC’s Clockwise MD wait times site still have a home on the new Convenience Care section as a subpage.

One of the biggest changes (and benefits to patients) was a previously existing PDF for “Acute care or FastCare?” to help patients decide which clinic to visit. Geonetric transferred that PDF to a responsive table on the Convenience Care landing page, which helped increase conversions to the section’s subpages as patients found the answers they were looking for. Including the information on the page was also a great way to include valuable keywords.

Leading Patients to the Right Front Door

The results were what both Geonetric and OMC had in mind when they started the project.

Since launch, the Convenience Care section has seen an increase in organic traffic and engagement. The goal, though, was to get patients to the right clinic when they needed care.

In comparison with 2017, the whole Convenience Care section saw an 18% increase in organic traffic and an 18% drop in bounce rates. More conversions were discovered, too, as the Convenience Care landing page dropped in engagement, but its subpages increased.

And since launch, conversions to reserve a spot at one of the clinics increased by 298%, showing that users are comfortable with what they learned from the content to schedule a visit online.

Overall, all subpages in the section, now newly renamed and uniquely developed, saw massive traffic increases, including a 61% increase in acute care, and a 260% increase in FastCare clinics.

Digital Retainer Boosts Convenience Care for Minnesota Hospital