Website Redesign Supports Brand Evolution

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A fresh, modern, unified web experience advances Stamford Health’s
Healing. Reimagined. brand positioning.


With a new name, new positioning statement, and new hospital, Stamford Health needed to update its online presence and unite its hospital, medical group, and foundation under one digital umbrella.


A flexible, innovative health system website with coordinating microsites for the organization’s foundation and medical group, enhanced provider profiles that showcase doctors’ expertise and personality, and strategy to ensure SEO success.


In the new website’s first five months alone, traffic to provider profiles more than doubled and medical services pages attracted more and longer sessions as well as lower bounce rates—indicating increased user engagement.


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“Our new site speaks to our consolidated brand, improves the user experience, and delivers impressive results. From design to implementation to VitalSite, I highly recommend the Geonetric team and their approach to website redesigns.”

Christina Di Bona, Marketing Director
Stamford Health

Healthcare brands are constantly evolving. Sometimes that evolution comes slowly. Other times, it seems to come all at once. Case in point: Stamford Health. In just one year, this Fairfield County, Connecticut organization changed the name of its healthcare system and physician medical group, launched a new brand identity, and opened a new hospital.

That’s a lot to celebrate. And a lot to communicate. So Stamford Health turned to Geonetric for help making its digital presence reflect recent organizational transformations through an effective online presence.

A Need to Streamline & Update

A lot had changed in the four years since Stamford Health’s last website redesign. And not just internally. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, more and more people are accessing healthcare sites from their mobile devices. Stamford Health needed a website that worked well for this growing audience—a website with a responsive design, streamlined content, and an intuitive navigation.

Plus, at the time, it was maintaining several disconnected websites, each with its own look and feel. With the rollout of a new brand system-wide, Stamford Health recognized an opportunity to strengthen its digital presence by centralizing and standardizing its websites. The organization also sought to feature its physicians more prominently and shift to more user-centered content and design.

Flexible, Innovative Design

The Stamford Health digital marketing team partnered with Geonetric designers to build a flexible, innovative design that reflects Stamford Health’s mission, vision, and values.

Entity navigation at the top of the page allows users to easily maneuver among Stamford Health, Stamford Health Medical Group, and the Stamford Hospital Foundation. The three sites share a clean, contemporary design that features straightforward site navigation, large banner images, and bold pops of color using the organization’s trademark red and a complimentary turquoise blue.

Built-in page style options allow the Stamford Health team to customize the look and feel of landing pages for signature services and specialty centers. The landing page for the Cohen Children’s Institute, for example, incorporates children’s artwork and displays the center’s logo.

Physician Profiles with Personality

Custom-built provider profiles help Stamford Health and Stamford Health Medical Group spotlight their doctors—the stars of their organizations.

Each profile features a large image, details about the provider’s education and qualifications, location information, and an expanded biography. Some profiles even include video as another way for users to connect with the health system’s doctors.

Whenever possible, patients can schedule appointments online—right from the provider profile page—through an integration with ZocDoc.

The sites also strategically cross-link between Stamford Health’s blog, HealthFlash, and provider profiles. Each blog post links directly to the profile of its author. And each profile can dynamically display links to that provider’s blog entries.

Strategy for SEO Success

Maintaining search engine optimization when launching a redesigned website—especially one with a new brand, new domain name, and new site structure—takes thought and strategy. Geonetric’s SEO experts helped make the transition as smooth and painless as possible by working behind the scenes to redirect URLs, update webmaster accounts, and more.

Website Redesign Supports Brand Evolution