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State of Healthcare Intranets

78% of surveyed healthcare organizations reported that they are neutral or dissatisfied with their intranet.

Download this white paper and learn how your hospital’s intranet compares to similar organizations and what the top trends are for intranet functionality in 2021 and beyond.

Internal communications took center stage this year. Connecting with your care team became a top priority – one that likely won’t go away any time soon. For many organizations, this gave them a chance to evaluate and improve their intranets and other digital employee communication tools. As you review your platform and plan for enhancements, download the State of Healthcare Intranets white paper and learn:

  • Common challenges in healthcare intranets
  • Trends in modern intranets, including storytelling hubs and personalized content
  • Data on redesign and re-platforming cycles
  • What’s the most popular functionality on intranets across hospitals and health systems


State of Healthcare Intranets