Health System Redesigns Intranet to Support Organizational Goals

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Learn how your intranet can support organizational goals


Avera had intranets for each of their main locations, but they needed one consolidated platform to communicate an important organizational shift.


Geonetric’s team created an intranet that satisfied their employees’ needs and helped the marketing team communicate with employees across five states.


The new intranet helped the marketing team gain internal buy-in for shifting how Avera presented itself online.

“We depend on Geonetric’s experience and insight to help us make fundamental changes online. Geonetric has been a great partner over the years and tackles projects head on, providing valuable insight every step of the way.”

Lindsey Meyers, Vice President of Public Communications

Based in Sioux Falls, SD, Avera is comprised of more than 30 hospitals and 208 primary and specialty care clinics throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Before the redesign, Avera had multiple intranets for each of their main locations. They needed to consolidate their intranets into one main intranet.

Intranet Supports Organizational Goals

Avera needed to consolidate because they were shifting how the organization presented itself to their communities. The public website was organized with a location-first approach, but research revealed that patients preferred a services-first approach. This required Avera’s website to shift from being internally-focused to patient-focused. And Avera needed their intranet to help them communicate this shift to their employees.

Geonetric’s team launched a new intranet that provides a consolidated communication platform. The responsive design allows Avera’s more than 16,000 employees to access critical information from their tablets and phones. After the launch of their intranet, Avera was able to begin a redesign of their public website that made the shift to a patient-focused approach.

Custom Functionality Benefits Employees

In addition to consolidating their intranets, they wanted to increase the amount of useful, up-to-date information for employees. To accomplish this, we helped them implement custom functionality, such as a feed for their census number, a widget with up-to-date weather conditions, and a news feed. The intranet also has a CEO blog.

As you can imagine, having 16,000 employees requires critical integrations with multiple third-party tools and systems. Some of the many integrations include payroll, a wellness program, email, and education resources.

Avera understands that making organizational shifts online requires more than an effective website redesign. We helped them create an intranet that supported their online transformation by communicating more effectively with their employees.

Health System Redesigns Intranet to Support Organizational Goals