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Main Site vs. Microsite

Learn how to help healthcare departments and service lines tell their stories online while keeping content where it makes sense to users and search engines.

Doctors. Service Lines. Departments. Sometimes they want their own website. But should they? Download this white paper and learn when it makes sense for a health system to create a separate web property.

As a healthcare marketer, you’ve probably faced the question of whether your main site or a microsite is the best way to highlight a specific part of your organization. This is especially true for organizations that are making the move to a system, or are merging or acquiring new hospitals or medical groups. In some cases, marketing teams worked hard to bring disjointed sites under a system umbrella but you still have certain service lines or departments asking to keep their business separate or move their business from the main site to a separate microsite.

This white paper can help you answer their questions and learn:

  • When microsites are the answer
  • What are the hidden risks of microsites
  • Why user research can help you decide
  • How to keep stakeholders happy regardless of which approach you take


Main Site vs. Microsite