Increase ROI With a Holistic Digital Advertising Approach

Develop an integrated marketing strategy that maximizes the benefits of both paid and organic channels and tactics.

Developing an integrated digital marketing strategy involves understanding all aspects of the consumer funnel because each digital channel and tactic provides unique benefits at different points in the user journey. In this webinar we highlight how paid search, search engine optimization and business listings help you own all aspects of a search engine results page when all are considered equally.

Attendees will learn:


How to increase ROI with a holistic digital marketing approach that aligns with your organization’s goals and digital experience.


How to invest in search engine optimization and business listing management to raise the baseline traffic of your website to improve paid ads.


How to utilize the benefits of each digital marketing channel to create opportunities for deeper analysis and refinement of efforts.


Michael Leonard

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Michael is an experienced digital strategist with skills in multiple aspects of SEO, SEM, keyword discovery, and content creation. His varied history includes helping traditional publishing companies make the transition to digital-focused and helped some of the most prestigious universities in the country build acquisition strategies through social media, display advertising, and content strategy. As a Senior Marketing Strategist, Michael helps health systems of all sizes increase their market share. He holds an associate’s degree in arts from Kirkwood Community College and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Iowa.

Joe Dreshar

Digital Marketing Strategist

Joe is a digital marketer with a proven history of helping some of the world’s most trusted brands drive localized demand through digital strategies. He is well-versed in running digital marketing campaigns. From pay-per-click and display ads to social media and business listings, Joe knows which tactics deliver the most value based on an organization’s unique needs and competitive market. This Google AdWords and Bing-certified marketer has experience in account management, customer service support, team management, and writing. Joe has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Coe College.