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    Accessibility training specifically for VitalSite users.

    Developing digitally inclusive experiences is important, especially for organizations that are dedicated to providing care to their communities. As a Geonetric client, we want to offer you training on how to improve accessibility on your site using your CMS, VitalSite. Fill out the form above and schedule a time for our team to review common issues that may be holding you back and provide some tips for making changes in VitalSite.

    Custom VitalSite Training

    During design and development our team works hard to ensure your site launches meeting accessibility guidelines. But, adding new content and images means the site may have some opportunities for improvement. We’ll help you address some of the most common accessibility issues hospitals and health systems face on their websites. Then we’ll show you, in VitalSite, how to make changes to improve your site’s accessibility.

    Accessibility Expertise

    Our designers have been helping healthcare organizations develop sites that meet WCAG guidelines for years. With specialized certifications and training combined with in-depth knowledge of how consumers use the web to make healthcare decisions, they can help you optimize your top online user paths and ensure they are accessible for all abilities.

    Healthcare Experience

    With access to care one of your top priorities, accessibility matters for hospitals and health systems. Ensuring your website works with assistive technologies isn’t just the right thing to do — recent lawsuits are making more healthcare organizations take notice of accessibility guidelines and best practices. We’ll help you uncover where your unique opportunities and challenges are.