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Discover HIPAA-Compliant Analytics

In healthcare marketing, safeguarding patient privacy while tracking digital performance are industry demands. Your organization needs to balance important analytics tools with strong HIPAA privacy guidelines.
So, what can you do?

Digital Performance with Peace of Mind

Unlock the secrets of digital marketing success without compromising patient privacy. Geonetric Privacy Filter provides a secure and compliant avenue for using Google Analytics. It enables you to craft marketing strategies that resonate with your patients while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Geonetric Privacy Filter is a fully-managed privacy solution for modern healthcare marketing.


Geonetric: Your Trusted Google Partner

Geonetric has over twenty years of experience providing cutting-edge solutions for healthcare. As a recognized Google Partner, your digital analytics are in trusted, capable hands. Don’t let compliance concerns keep you from unlocking your digital marketing efforts. Find out how Geonetric Privacy Filter can guide your data forward.

Preserve Your Tools, Protect Your Data
With A Compliant Privacy Filter

Keep Your Google Analytics Toolsets

Embrace the power of GA4 without hesitation. Privacy Filter lets you keep full access to your analytics tools without compliance concerns. Preserve your investment and drive your digital strategy forward with confidence

Cut High-Risk Data

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Privacy Filter anonymizes or removes high-risk user data without compromising user journey insights.

Follow Healthcare Privacy Guidelines

HIPAA’s requirements are clear, and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is non-negotiable. Privacy Filter is a BAA-covered platform that aligns with the latest HIPAA guidance. Navigate the complexities of compliance with ease and assurance.

Managed Solutions

Dive into digital analytics without getting entangled in privacy guidelines. Geonetric is at your disposal, ready to set up, configure, and manage Privacy Filter. Capture the analytics you need while upholding the highest standards of consumer privacy.