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10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Digital Advertising Agency

In healthcare, digital advertising is the top area leading organizations plan to invest in and the top area most likely to be outsourced. How do you find the right partner?

If you’re one of the many health systems and hospitals looking to find the right digital advertising partner for the management of your paid search campaigns, this white paper is for you. From working with your traditional agency to combining your digital ad spend with radio and TV media packages to finding an agency with healthcare expertise, it’s hard to know what is the right direction.

Download this white paper and learn 10 important questions you should ask that will help as you vet potential partners, including:

  • Should the agency specialize in digital?
  • Should the agency specialize in healthcare?
  • How does the agency tackle channel strategy?
  • How does the agency report success?

You’ll find out the answers you should be looking for and how to use the answers to understand which type of agency is right for you. Use it to evaluate potential partners, including the pros and cons of different types of partnerships. With it, you can find the perfect match for your health system.


10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Digital Advertising Agency