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Guidelines for Writing Healthcare Web Content

Follow these best practices to write website content that engages users and supports conversions that align with your business goals.

No matter what new trend or technology you’re optimizing for, well-written copy that answers users’ questions and helps them complete tasks always performs.

A streamlined, user-friendly online experience is increasingly a competitive differentiator in all industries. Healthcare is no exception. Web content that’s optimized for your target audience makes your site more appealing to users – and more effective to your organization as a marketing asset.

The Importance of Quality Web Content

Why do people come to your site? They want to find information or complete a task. If your content doesn’t meet the needs of your site visitors, they’ll leave.

Effective online content:

  • Answers questions in a way users understand so they can make important decisions
  • Builds relationships with current and prospective patients, employees, donors, and other audiences
  • Leads visitors to take action that aligns with your business goals and marketing funnel
  • Meets accessibility requirements
  • Promotes your services, doctors, events, expertise, and locations
  • Supports search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and helps attract new visitors
  • Tells your story while highlighting the benefits of choosing your organization

Web Writing Tips

Now that you understand why users go online, here’s a checklist you can reference to determine if your copy will deliver value for task-oriented users and your medical organization.



Stella Hart

Senior Web Writer and Content Strategist

Guidelines for Writing Healthcare Web Content