How to Align Digital Goals with Organizational Goals

Download this white paper and uncover five tips to help you ensure the work you and your digital marketing team are doing correlates directly to your organization’s top priorities.

Packed with insider tips and easy to follow examples, this guide will help you:

  • Understand your organization strategic goals
  • Align your digital strategy organization strategy with examples
  • Prove your impact with measurement
  • Track soft and hard conversions
  • Understand Key ROI terminology
  • Use your digital plan to discern the value of new digital requests


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Technical SEO: Overlooked But Crucial to Your Hospital’s Digital Strategy

In this helpful whitepaper, you’ll learn easy-to-fix, mid-level, and advanced technical SEO elements that you can tackle to improve your site’s performance in search, including:

  • Page titles and meta descriptions
  • Page headers or H1s
  • Duplicate content
  • markup
  • Image optimization
  • Canonical tags
  • Redirects, and more


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How to Optimize the Metadata on Your Healthcare Website

Download this helpful white paper today and learn how to:

  • Use keyword research to write smart metadata
  • Organize your keywords by user intent, including how to best use long-tail and localized keywords, and apply those findings to your metadata
  • Follow best practices when writing page titles and meta descriptions
  • Monitor your efforts and make improvements


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WordPress Survival Skills for Healthcare Marketers

You’ll learn best practices on how to:

  • Approch the project from a strategic perspective
  • Think about future goals and how to ensure the platform will work for you down the road
  • Navigate page builders
  • Choose plug-ins
  • Secure your site
  • Manage URLs responsibly


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Choose the Right Healthcare Provider Directory Software

Download this whitepaper and learn the seven must-have features that will help your organization:

  • Increase conversions with online appointment scheduling
  • Promote physicians throughout the site
  • Make searching for doctors easy
  • Build relationships with patients
  • Simplify managing physician data
  • Provide data to other systems with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)



Accomplishing this requires providing search engines with the kind of detailed, structured data that help to build the information and relationships within the knowledge graph. is a standardized format for doing just that.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The trends that are reshaping search engines
  • The information that you can classify with
  • The entities that apply to health information
  • The three metadata formats you can use to implement
  • And more


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10-Point Checklist for Building an Exceptional Website

But only if your site is built to engage and convert. Designed specifically for healthcare marketers, this helpful 10-point checklist gives you a quick and effective way to see how your website is performing. It covers items unique to the healthcare industry, like ensuring your forms adhere to HIPAA regulations. Download it today and get actionable tips to improve your site in key areas like:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Physician promotion
  • Conversions
  • On-page SEO factors
  • And more

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    Getting Started with Digital Governance

    Governance gives you a coherent, documented framework that increases productivity by avoiding miscommunication and uncertainty. This guide provides a great place to start down the path to governance, and will:

    • Explain the four main components of digital governance—people, process, documentation, and training—and how to establish decision-making authority in those key areas
    • Provide list of questions that will help you begin to establish a governance framework at your healthcare organization
    • Outline how to get started, wherever you’re at the in process


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    Eight Ways Your CMS Could Be Holding Back Your Healthcare SEO

    Your external efforts to improve SEO can only have so much impact if your CMS isn’t doing its job. This white paper details the eight things to look for in your CMS, including:

    • Sitemap
    • Canonical URLs
    • Customizable metadata
    • And more…

    Be sure to check if your current CMS, or the platform you’re evaluating, has the built-in functionality that’s needed to enhance your search rankings.


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    Questions to Ask Your Potential SEO Agency

    This white paper will help you find the right SEO agency for your healthcare organization. Download it today, and learn what you should be looking for, including:

    • Specialization in healthcare consumer behavior
    • Specific web writing experience
    • Expertise with schema
    • Experience with local optimization
    • Knowledge of web content management systems
    • Certification as a Google Partner

    Partnering with an expert agency is more important than ever. Know what you want out of your potential partner, and don’t take a chance on an agency without asking the tough questions.


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