6 Steps to Choose the Right Healthcare Intranet Partner

That’s easier said than done – especially if it’s been a few years since your team evaluated your current intranet or vetted potential partners.

Download this white paper and learn how to prepare internally before you embark on your next redesign. You’ll learn more about how to:

  • Identify intranet stakeholders and gather useful feedback
  • Define goals based on top user tasks
  • Assess your current platform, design, and information architecture
  • Determine requirements for the new intranet
  • Find a partner for the long-term


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Preparing for the Post-pandemic Rebound

Whether you’ve had a heavy COVID-19 case load or not, the financial impact of this pandemic on health systems has been dramatic. Re-engaging health consumers is critical to the financial survival of many organizations, and care deferral is beginning to have serious consequences for the health of many Americans.

As you plan to open service lines, this white paper will help you:

  • Create a process that embraces uncertainty
  • Manage expectations for consumers, employees, and providers
  • Move your marketing focus from crisis communication to declining threat and transition to service line marketing
  • Utilze messaging pillars to promote what you care able to safely deliver today
  • Chart a course for content marketing, content strategy, and digital marketing based the phase your orgnaiation is in


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COVID-19 Editorial Style Guide

You’ll find guidance on:

  • Voice, tone and readability
  • Language that counters stigma
  • Official disease and virus names
  • Trending terms that may be confusing or tricky

Need help updating already published content? Review our quick tips for content governance during a crisis, or reach out to Geonetric’s expert healthcare writers for assistance.


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COVID-19 Healthcare Consumer Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially changed daily life. To help healthcare marketers across the country better understand how this new reality intersects with people’s healthcare experiences, Geonetric conducted an online survey of 600 internet users across the U.S. The surveys were completed April 3, 2020.

Learn how COVID-19 has affected consumers’ decision-making around healthcare as well as how they are responding to different types of communication from health systems. See data on how COVID-19 has:

  • Impacted consumers’ decisions and plans around seeking care for non-COVID-19 concerns
  • Changed content topics consumers want to learn about
  • Affected content format preferences by age segment
  • Impacted consumers’ trust in their local hospitals and health systems across different demographics


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Marketing Automation Buyer’s Checklist

But are you ready for marketing automation? This checklist will help you evaluate your own business processes so you can choose the right platform for your needs.

Download this checklist today and learn:

  • Key considerations – such as your business goals and resources – to think about as you look at marketing automation
  • Important aspects to consider as you evaluate platforms, such as IT resources and integration with your technology stack
  • Why marketing automation is an ideal tool to help align marketing, business development, and ongoing patient engagement


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5 Ways to Enhance Your Healthcare Paid Search Campaigns

Like any other advertising medium, it’s important to be intentional with your efforts. Paid search campaigns allow you to track precise return on investment (ROI). Likewise, without effective creation and management, it’s easy to overspend and underperform.

Download this white paper and learn ways to enhance your campaign efforts, including:

  • What’s really key about your keyword research (hint: it’s more than just understanding your organic traffic, but that’s a great start!)
  • How to establish the right goals
  • How to best take advantage of added features like dynamic keyword insertion
  • Why you should be using ad scheduling
  • When to let Google help with things like bidding strategies and ad serving – and when to do it yourself


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Questions to Ask Your Potential Website Implementer

This white paper will help you find the right website implementation agency for your healthcare organization. Download it today and learn what you should be looking for, including:

  • Specialization in healthcare
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Platform experience
  • Process for design and development with a proven project management discipline
  • Successful track record of meeting big picture goals

For many healthcare marketers, a website redesign or a CMS change can be one of the largest projects your team takes on. Saying its important is an understatement—for many, you are putting your reputation on the line with the agency you choose. Asking tough questions will ensure you are selecting a partner who delivers on their promises.


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How to Sell Your Digital Projects to Your Healthcare C-Suite

Download this white paper and learn how can you effectively overcome potential objections and negotiate competing priorities to get the support and funding you need.

When it comes to selling any marketing project or expenditure, most healthcare marketing teams find themselves somewhere on the spectrum between having proven their value and having to pitch and defend their ideas. Wherever your organization falls on the continuum, you’ll learn some tips and tricks to help you get the buy-in you need today. You’ll also get insight on how to transition your team to be seen as a value creator and make future asks that make easier.

You’ll get advice on how to:

  • Anticipate objections and questions
  • Show a direct tie to organizational strategy
  • Use data strategically


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Considering a Website Redesign?

Download this white paper and learn the five key areas you should review to gain a solid understanding of your current web presence. After all, the more you understand about where you’re at today and what you want the new site the achieve, the better you can work to ensure your next site is a success.

You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of why these five areas are critical to helping you find the right partner.

  • Organizational evolution and the impact on marketing
  • Current and future digital goals
  • Current digital presence
  • Internal and external stakeholders
  • Internal resources


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10 Google Analytics Tools for Healthcare Marketers

Download this white paper and learn the 10 tools and features you should be using in GA to monitor, analyze, and improve your hospital website.

This guide will help you:

  • Get a deeper understanding of your site visitors
  • Uncover places you can improve your website’s user exprience
  • Use reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics
  • Understand what bounce rates really mean
  • Use site search data and page pathing to understand how users are interacting wiht your site


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