Is It Time for a Redesign?

What pushes most organizations into a redesign? It could be for internal reasons, like a brand change or an acquisition. Or, you’ve simply realized that your current site isn’t delivering value anymore.

Regardless of what is driving change, a website redesign offers your organization the opportunity to improve your online brand image, engage and connect with site visitors, and put them on a path to conversion. This popular guide, now in its second edition, will help you determine if it’s time to redesign your website and how to get started if a new CMS is in your future. Download it today, and learn:

  • Common redesign triggers of a full website redesign
  • Why an iterative approach to redesign might be the answer
  • How to better understand your website’s lifecycle
  • How to tell if you need to re-platform alongside your redesign
  • What to consider in a CMS beyond content management, including transactional, personalization, and optimization considerations


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Proving the ROI of a Website Redesign or Re-platform

You know a new website and supporting digital marketing initiatives will have a substantial role in driving business for your organization — but whenever budget dollars get involved, the questions can get hard to answer. The best way to get buy-in from stakeholders for your redesign or re-platform is by demonstrating the value you’ll get back.

Although there is tremendous value in improving brand awareness and the consumer experience, having more tangible financial metrics can help gain the approval you need to move forward. Download this white paper and get examples of the types of return on investment (ROI) you can expect when you have the right partner.

You’ll get advice on how to:

  • Take a different approach to investing in digital
  • Deliver ROI on your website investment using different examples, thinking strategically about how web traffic, user engagement, conversions and efficiency translate into value
  • Uncover aspects of a web CMS platform that will help you improve key metrics


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5 Tips to Prepare Your Website for Core Web Vitals

Download this white paper to learn about Google’s Core Web Vitals and what metrics this update will use as new ranking signals.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Think about user experience as a ranking signal
  • Prioritize changes to your site that meets Google’s new requirements
  • Assess technical debt and optimize
  • Find tools to use to diagnose issues
  • Use your competitor’s rankings as a guide


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Is Your CMS Working for You?

This white paper will help you evaluate if your CMS is helping or hurting your digital initiatives by sharing the five most common obstacles healthcare marketing teams face with their current platforms. Get guidance to help you move forward with these obstacles in mind.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Know if you’re stuck in a broken upgrade path and what to do about it
  • Assess if an overabundance of web properties and different platforms is holding you back
  • Determine if you need to invest in the team or the technology
  • Get your technology and business strategy in alignment


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Main Site vs. Microsite

As a healthcare marketer, you’ve probably faced the question of whether your main site or a microsite is the best way to highlight a specific part of your organization. This is especially true for organizations that are making the move to a system, or are merging or acquiring new hospitals or medical groups. In some cases, marketing teams worked hard to bring disjointed sites under a system umbrella but you still have certain service lines or departments asking to keep their business separate or move their business from the main site to a separate microsite.

This white paper can help you answer their questions and learn:

  • When microsites are the answer
  • What are the hidden risks of microsites
  • Why user research can help you decide
  • How to keep stakeholders happy regardless of which approach you take


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10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Digital Advertising Agency

Download this white paper and learn 10 important questions you should ask that will help as you vet potential partners, including:

  • Should the agency specialize in digital?
  • Should the agency specialize in healthcare?
  • How does the agency tackle channel strategy?
  • How does the agency report success?

You’ll find out the answers you should be looking for and how to use the answers to understand which type of agency is right for you. Use it to evaluate potential partners, including the pros and cons of different types of partnerships. With it, you can find the perfect match for your health system.


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How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency for Healthcare

Luckily, this white paper outlines nine questions you can ask to find the perfect match for your organization’s unique needs! With its help, you can find an agency that will work with you to create and execute a content marketing plan that:

  • Boosts your healthcare organization’s credibility, reputation, and brand recognition
  • Improves SEO and complement paid digital advertising
  • Motivates your target audience to take action and engage with your organization

Armed with the questions you need, you can hit the ground running and find a team that you can trust to plan, produce, and publish high quality content marketing assets to pushes your organization ahead.


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Rethinking Your Medical Group Website White Paper

Evaluate Your Web Strategy

From a strategic perspective, take stock of your core business, the audience you’re trying to reach, your competitive environment, and your differentiators. Armed with this 360-degree view of what your site needs to accomplish, you’re ready to think through some of the ways your site can support patients.

Understand the Patient Journey

Learn how to create a clear picture of the end-to-end patient journey for your most important services. At the end of the day, your website must focus on the healthcare consumer journeys that drive your business.

Plan for Change

When you know it’s time for a change, you still have many options. Should you refresh, redesign, or re-platform? It’s important to understand what each of these efforts can accomplish and what would work best for your medical group. You’ll also get tips for getting buy-in from other stakeholders.


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State of Healthcare Intranets

Internal communications took center stage this year. Connecting with your care team became a top priority – one that likely won’t go away any time soon. For many organizations, this gave them a chance to evaluate and improve their intranets and other digital employee communication tools. As you review your platform and plan for enhancements, download the State of Healthcare Intranets white paper and learn:

  • Common challenges in healthcare intranets
  • Trends in modern intranets, including storytelling hubs and personalized content
  • Data on redesign and re-platforming cycles
  • What’s the most popular functionality on intranets across hospitals and health systems


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Selecting a Healthcare Intranet Platform: A Guide for Marketing & I.T.

For information technology (I.T.) teams, data storage, security, and hosting may be of higher importance than the authoring experience, content management, and document control that teams like marketing and internal communications prioritize. Download this white paper and learn:

  • The needs of the two major players who should be involved in the buying decision for a new intranet platform.
  • The different needs those stakeholders may have and how to ensure their buy-in.
  • The questions to ask to find the best healthcare intranet solution to move your organization’s digital workspace forward.
  • And more.


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